ELITE Announces Three New Helicopter Simulator Devices

We are pleased to announce three exciting new ELITE products


The ELITE MH-350 open cock­pit heli­copter is a sin­gle engine tur­bine trainer based on the per­for­mance of the Euro­copter AS-350B. It fea­tures the same pro­fes­sional feel and qual­ity flight con­trols and throt­tle unit as its big brother, the ELITE Evo­lu­tion S623 cock­pit trainer. The dif­fer­ence is that it is sin­gle pilot use only and smaller open cock­pit design for space con­straints. It offers the same cen­ter con­sole with air­craft spe­cific switches, optional real Garmin GNS 430W or 530W, pilot instru­ment panel with mask and adjust­ments at the instru­ment and same pro­fes­sional CANBUS style elec­tron­ics for reli­a­bil­ity and main­tain­abil­ity. An upgraded adjustable leather seat if pro­vides unpar­al­leled com­fort and ergonomic support.


The new Mini Heli­copter is a com­pact, fully-featured sin­gle tur­bine heli­copter sim­u­la­tor based on the Euro­copter AS350B. This sys­tem fea­tures life-size, high-resolution instru­ments, lighted-Bendix/King Sil­ver Crown style avion­ics, Garmin 430 WAAS sim­u­la­tion, instruc­tor sta­tion, and exter­nal visual sys­tem with large-screen dis­play as stan­dard equip­ment. It uti­lizes an open and opti­mized struc­tural con­struc­tion that is strong and rigid, yet thin enough to fit through a stan­dard door open­ing for easy trans­port and inte­gra­tion. The high-fidelity flight model will allow you to per­form many com­plex maneu­vers and pro­ce­dures, every­thing from the startup to the shut­down check­lists. The Mini Heli­copter will enable you to unleash valu­able rotary-wing train­ing possibilities.


The ELITE Heli­copter Flight Con­trol Unit is an indus­trial qual­ity, high fidelity, ergonom­i­cally cor­rect and HID com­pli­ant flight con­trol sys­tem. HID com­pli­ant means that it is com­pli­ant with all flight sim­u­lat­ing that com­ply with generic hard­ware map­ping. With a sin­gle USB con­nec­tion the con­trols come alive. .. cyclic with pro­gram­ma­ble grip switches, col­lec­tive with fric­tion adjust­ment and optional Jet Ranger style twist throt­tle, land­ing light switch, engine start but­ton with throt­tle release switch. The anti-torque ped­als are adjustable to accom­mo­date pilot size and the seat is cush­ioned to pro­vide fly­ing comfort.

The ELITE HFCU can also be used for LSA fixed wing fly­ing as well by sim­ply remov­ing the col­lec­tive lever!

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