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San Diego, Calif. - With Facebook, industry insiders and followers can easily engage in two-way communication with companies of any size in a way they have never been able to before. The communication can be seen by anyone, and if a good question is asked, then no further response is needed.

However, not everyone is convinced about Facebook. I personally like Facebook, so you'll understand the side I'm taking. The communication is instant and public, a company has the ability to post photos, videos, links to any webpage, get customer feedback, roll-out new products, offer holiday cheer and even provide comic relief. Facebook followers can then provide a diverse range of comments from serious to amusing, and sometimes even the inappropriate. Fortunately on Facebook, any company can block anyone for any reason.

Even if you don't use Facebook for personal use it's an excellent way for corporations to communicate with their customers. An example of this is a San Diego based company which relied heavily on their customer service hotline to answer customer questions; they then created a Facebook page and started answering questions on Facebook, their customer service phone line virtually stopped ringing. Facebook has changed the way corporations communicate.

As of September 12, 2012, here is a list of the major helicopter manufacturers and their number of Facebook followers. The links go directly to their Facebook Fan pages:

Bell Helicopter 32,494

Eurocopter 12,315

Sikorsky 3,081

Robinson Helicopter 2,965

American Eurocopter 2,369

AgustaWestland 1,553

Eurocopter Philippines 636

Eurocopter Canada 447

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation 136

Eurocopter Mexico 132

MD Helicopters 79

Erickson Air-Crane 58

Here are some notable Facebook page counts for other companies and organizations in our industry:

Helicopter Links 476

Helicopter Association International 1,231

Helicopter Foundation International 4

Vertical Magazine 8,601

Rotor & Wing 6,562

Rotorcraft Professional 2,047

American Helicopter Society International 1,307

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center 948

International Helicopter Safety Team 873

Professional Helicopter Pilots Association (California) 294

Professional Helicopter Pilots Association (International) 184

If you are a helicopter manufacturer, company or organization who would like assistance to help keep your Facebook page active or you need to start a Facebook page, Helicopter Links can help. Helicopter Links offers several levels of Facebook Fan page administration. For more information, please contact Helicopter Links for a quote.

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HelicopterLinks.com is based in San Diego, California, USA. Helicopter Links is a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate international directory of helicopter manufactures, operators, suppliers, maintenance facilities, pilot schools, professional organizations, publications, trade shows, air shows, museums and more. Helicopter Links has been online for 10 years, has over 2,800 links in 70 categories of helicopter information and does not require a membership or login to use. Helicopter Links offers one free listing to any helicopter related company.

During the last 12 months (September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012), Helicopter Links sent over 33,800 (outgoing) referrals to rotorcraft (helicopter and gyrocopter, turbine/piston, OEM/homebuilts) manufacturers worldwide. Helicopter Links is a member of Helicopter Association International.

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About Helicopter Links Facebook Page
Whether a paid advertiser or not, all helicopter manufacturers and associated companies are welcome to email their helicopter pictures and YouTube video links for posting on Helicopter Links Facebook page.

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