Spotlight on Safety

Welcome to HAI’s Spotlight on Safety (SOS), where we showcase your safety tips and stories that others can use to help enhance helicopter safety in their daily operations. If you have a safety tip that could help save lives and prevent future accidents, share it with us and we’ll get the word out.

HAI's Spotlight of Safety (SOS)



Use Your Superpower


Do you have a super power? In this Spotlight on Safety, we remind helicopter pilots, owners, and operators how easy it is to unleash their “super power” when they choose to Land and LIVE.


Reporting Close Calls Saves Lives



“Oops, that was close!” Everyone in an aircraft or on the hangar floor has very likely spoken those words. To prevent others from making the same mistake, they also shared that experience to avoid a repeat event that could result in loss of life, aircraft, or the business. This Spotlight on Safety emphasizes the importance of reporting even minor incidents and introduces the free HARP tool—a “one-and-done” portal that routes your aviation hazard report to the correct agency or organization.


HAI Spotlight on Safety: Slow Your Roll



Fast is fun. But going faster comes at a high cost when performing critical flight duties. To prevent fatal mistakes in aviation operations, our advice to everyone, no matter how experienced you are, is to … slow … your … roll. In this Spotlight on Safety, we focus on three key tasks that will slow things down (in a good way) and reduce risk in your daily flight operations.