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    November 13, 2018

    Quick Facts:
    Located at: Concord, New Hampshire, USA
    Current job: Commercial pilot
    First aviation job: Flight instructor
    Favorite helicopter: Bell 407

    Your current role?

    I currently fly for JBI Helicopters based out of Pembroke, New Hampshire. We do everything from utility work, to charter work, to agricultural assistance. I mainly fly the Bell 206 and 407 and am currently being trained on the Bell 429.

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    August 07, 2018

    Q Your current role?
    In addition to being a pilot, I manage aircraft scheduling, plan routes, and ensure FAR/GOM compliance for on-demand charters to ensure optimal business output.

    QYour most memorable  helicopter ride?
    My most memorable flight was the first time I flew into New York City and circled the Statue of Liberty. Being from a small town in the heartland, New York City was a place I had only seen in movies, and I never imagined I would end up flying here.

    Q What still excites you about helicopter aviation?
    Walking out to the helicopter each day still excites me. The quick pace and challenge of using noise/traffic abatement routes, calling FBOs, hovering between parallels, calling out traffic, and getting a landing
    clearance all at the same time is something I never would’ve imagined myself capable of in a solo pilot environment. Now it’s all in a normal day’s work.

    Q What advice would you give to someone pursuing your career path?
    Shake as many hands and make as many friends as possible. The people you meet will be your network of colleagues and friends throughout your career. The rotorcraft
    community is very tight-knit and getting