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August 13, 2018

Whether it’s part of your FAA-approved operations manual, your company standard operating procedures or safety management system manuals, or posted as a policy letter, a written declaration that you support precautionary landings as a safety measure will assure your flight crews that they can use the maneuver without fear of retribution.

Here is a suggestion from the HAI Operations Department of how such a statement might look:

Section 1.0 – Company Support of Precautionary Landings

[Insert Company or Organization Name Here] supports the decision of pilots to execute precautionary landings when continued safety of flight is in perceived or actual jeopardy. Examples of situations include, but are not limited to, deteriorating or unsafe weather conditions, uncertainty of aircraft integrity, or potential incapacitation of a required crew member.

[Insert Company or Organization Name Here] affirms by this policy that all decisions to execute precautionary landing for any cause and performed with reasonable care will be supported and will not result in any personnel action that could be considered punitive. As part of [Insert Company or Organization Name Here]’s just culture, this affirmation extends even to cases where the precautionary landing was made as a result of inadequate planning or preparation, or even in cases of questionable judgment.

Accident prevention is the objective of this policy. Therefore [Insert Company or Organization Name Here] accepts that any inconvenience, loss of business, or costs associated with precautionary landings is in the best interests of [Insert Company or Organization Name Here] and the health and well-being of all of its employees.

Another way to show support for your pilots who may face the decision to make a precautionary landing is to sign the Land & LIVE operator’s pledge.