HAI Member Spotlight: Waldron Forensics, Canada

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Jan. 12, 2021

A look at an HAI member up close and personal.

RJ Waldron and Co. of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, is a comprehensive aviation forensics firm often retained to help with aviation accident and incident investigations and litigation. For more than 30 years, the company has provided failure analysis, accident reconstruction, accident investigation, and laboratory testing to determine probable causes of aviation accidents and incidents globally.

“Our lab capabilities have made us one of the premier aviation accident investigation labs in the world,” says Elvis Cepus, PhD, Waldron’s senior engineer and investigator. “We’re trusted by aviation underwriters from London to New York, and most places in between, to investigate accidents or incidents when they happen.”

Waldron, with vast lab capabilities and expert investigators, can step in at any phase of an investigation or provide complete investigation services, from on-site investigations and data collection to testing, reconstruction, and report compilation.

Accident Reconstruction
For accident reconstruction, Waldron uses available evidence to help identify the events that led up to the accident or incident and then attempts to reenact the event. The company’s expansive facilities allow it to lay out an entire aircraft wreckage and carefully analyze each part.

In full accident investigations, the company dives more deeply into operational aspects, including pilot performance history, witness interviews and assessment, human factors, weather factors, air traffic control involvement, and more.

Failure Analysis
Waldron’s lab is specifically equipped to provide comprehensive failure analysis, the process of determining the root cause or causes of a failure. The process involves physical observations, examinations, inspections, documentation, and a variety of laboratory tests and techniques. It also entails reviewing the aircraft component or system service-and-maintenance history, collecting and analyzing data, and reviewing information about prior failures.

While failure analysis is its own discipline, it is often a vital part of a complete incident or accident investigation as well. Waldron conducts failure analyses on most aerospace components and systems, including drivetrains, engines, aerospace structures, aircraft avionics, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems.

Other Services
Other Waldron capabilities include structural, power plant, aircraft maintenance, operational, and fire investigative services and instrument and system analysis.

Since 1975, Waldron has investigated approximately 3,000 aircraft accidents, incidents, and component failures. More recently, the company has increased its services in general insurance claims and product liability issues.

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