HAI International Spotlight: Air Support A/S, Denmark

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Sep. 22, 2020

A look at an international HAI member up close and personal.

At Air Support A/S, it’s all about enabling customers “to maintain full operational control at anytime.”

The Billund, Denmark–based company creates and supplies customized desktop and cloud-based flight planning software that integrates with some of the most popular products used in aviation today.

Among Air Support’s best-known offerings are its PPS Flight Planning System (PPS) software and integrated CrewBriefing web application. Both products serve private and commercial business aircraft operators; regional, charter, cargo, and national airlines; and military and utility operators. The company also specializes in a variety of system add-ons and advanced interfaced solutions for aircraft operators who use third-party aviation software systems.

The PPS Flight Planning System
Air Support customizes every PPS program to meet each individual customer’s needs. In fact, although more than 400 Air Support customers operate the same flight planning platform, none shares the same flight planning system.

As part of its customization process, Air Support cooperates with numerous software vendors, integrating with more than 50 third-party aviation software systems, including those focusing on scheduling, booking, crew/rostering management, maintenance, performance programs, in-house custom-built systems, and more.

Through interfaced setups with automated, dynamically optimized data flows, PPS is designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety, and increase staff usability. Program features include workflow automation, total cost optimization, dynamic calculations, and crew briefing.

Additional Products
With flexibility as a core philosophy, Air Support works with its operator clients to identify their specific needs and provide a digital solution that best serves their operations. Examples of the company’s additional business aviation solutions include:

  • Fully customizable flight logs: Intelligent software architecture allows for customization from the operational to the user levels.
  • Seamless electronic flight bag (EFB) systems: Air Support’s EFB systems integrate with the majority of the best Class 1 and Class 2 EFB solutions through rapid data export and import flows.
  • CrewBriefing app: This light, mobile iOS- and Andriod-compatible version of the online CrewBriefing web app gives crews access to the operational flight plan / flight log along with wind and temperature updates, air traffic control flight plans, trip-tailored NOTAM briefings, surface weather, wind charts, significant-weather charts, company messages, and company NOTAMS.
  • CrewBriefing Recalc: This program lets crews recalculate last-minute changes to the flight at any given time following the initial flight planning process.

Air Support backs its products and services with 24/7 support via email and phone.

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