HAI International Tuesday: OMS Aviation Advisors Inc., Argentina

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OMS Aviation Advisors Inc. is a Buenos Aires, Argentina–based company dedicated to improving aircraft safety. Specializing in the oil industry, OMS offers heliport consulting and planning services as well as safety audits and inspections in both remote and offshore locations.

OMS, which follows standards recommended by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), maintains a permanent presence in key projects and regions in South America, including the Camisea Gas Project in the Cusco Region of Peru, Dragon Hill (Cerro Dragon) in Argentina, and Vaca Muerta in Patagonia, Argentina. The company also is currently working on a project dealing in offshore operations in the south Atlantic Ocean.

Since 1990, OMS has worked in the oil and gas industry as aviation advisors to many companies, including:

  • Barrett Resources (Peru, Spain, Canada) 
  • Enap Sipetrol
  • Glencore
  • Odebrecht (Peru)
  • Pan American Energy Group
  • Perenco 
  • Peru LNG (Hunt Oil)
  • Petrobras 
  • Petroperú
  • Pluspetrol (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine)
  • SAExploration 
  • Tecpetrol (Argentina, Peru, Colombia).

OMS knows the global aviation industry and, perhaps just as important, the regional culture around the industry. This enables the company to quickly spot risks as well as find opportunities—knowledge that puts OMS in a position to recommend the best possible solutions to its clients.  

OMS offers intelligent, creative, and innovative solutions at a competitive cost with the aim of improving regional standards in aviation security. As aviation insurance surveyors, OMS has been asked to investigate more than 150 aviation accidents on behalf of AirClaims UK, Lloyd’s Aviation, AIG, Reinsurers of London, and the United States. Its team has worked on many of the most high-profile aviation accidents in South America in recent years.

Company founder and CEO Alejandro Oms has been a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators since 1997. In addition to his role at OMS, he works as an aviation claims surveyor and adjustor in Argentina and as a representative of Ajustadores de Aviación LC for Argentina and Uruguay.

OMS has investigated commercial and military accidents involving many different types of aircraft and environments, including mountains, jungles, and offshore locations. The accidents investigated include cases featuring total losses, explosive decompression with ejected crew members, ditching, and ground and midair collisions. The cases were assigned to the OMS team by Reinsurers of London and the United States as well as various oil and mining companies.

Aviation Safety Inspections
OMS provides the following aviation safety inspection services:  

  • Safety reviews of aircraft to ensure their safe operation
  • Heliport and airport examinations in accordance with standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Safety analyses of aviation operations, both onshore and offshore, according to recommendations from the IOGP
  • Inspections on repair stations per international regulations
  • Selection of expert crew members, maintenance professionals, and inspectors to perform various operations
  • Safety assessments of offshore helidecks on ships and oil rigs.

Risk Analysis and Technical Proposal Services
OMS offers a variety of risk analysis and technical proposal services, including:

  • Identifying potential operational hazards and recommending appropriate safety solutions
  • Preparing custom intelligence reports on global aviation organizations to assist clients with their operations
  • Formulating aircraft-status reports prior to procurement of aircraft
  • Inspecting aeronautical fuel facilities in remote areas according to IOGP recommendations
  • Analyzing the risks of air operations in remote oil camps for seismic work and sanitary transfer operations
  • Selecting appropriate aircraft based on an examination of the needs and demands of each operation
  • Preparing technical documents for air tendering.

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