HAI International Tuesday: HeliMods Pty Ltd., Australia

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HeliMods is a progressive aerospace technology company with world-leading capability in advanced digital design, engineering, manufacturing, certification, and integration of aircraft mission systems.

Through the delivery of innovative aerospace products and services, the company enables local and international helicopter service providers to perform a range of critical missions, including emergency medical retrieval, search and rescue, and aerial policing.

HeliMods employs a dynamic and talented team of engineers, designers, developers, technicians, and technologists servicing customers across the globe from its state-of-the-art facility at Caloundra Airport (YCDR) on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

The HeliMods team utilizes a highly collaborative approach, built on a strong foundation of digital engineering, which allows for a seamless transition between the digital and physical worlds. This approach, combined with the company’s extensive airframe expertise and passion for solving complex and challenging problems, enables HeliMods to provide truly innovative, high-quality products and solutions for its customers while remaining agile and responsive to changing requirements.

Backed by top-notch technologies, facilities, and infrastructure, the company is uniquely positioned to realize new and enhanced operational capabilities for its clients. Current areas of specialization include:

  • Emergency medical services (EMS) and search-and-rescue (SAR) configurations
  • Special operations and utility configurations and equipment
  • Lightweight role and utility flooring
  • Medical equipment mounts and systems
  • Specialist electrical and avionic integrations
  • Complex mission systems integrations.

From simple equipment mounts to fully integrated operational fleet configurations, HeliMods sets the industry standard for innovation and delivery of high-performance aerospace products.

One such innovation is HeliMods’ world-first, patented Powered Aero Loader (PAL™), a zero-lift, push-button–operated, powered stretcher loading system designed for the rapid loading and unloading of road-ambulance stretchers into helicopter EMS (HEMS) aircraft. The PAL was developed in response to HEMS providers looking for a way to retrieve and transport patients more safely and efficiently between ground and air-based medical services.

Interfacing with the Stryker Power-PRO XT stretcher system, the PAL provides smooth road-ambulance or hospital transfers to HEMS aircraft fleets, eliminating compromise between patient care and risk of paramedic injury by easily transporting a patient weighing up to 318 kg (700 lbs). In an international first, the patient can be loaded from an ambulance or hospital helipad onto a waiting helicopter in 18 seconds by one push of a button, without the need for transfer to a specialized aeromedical stretcher.

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