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Heli-Tours Fiji is the only fully Fiji-owned helicopter company operating in that country, offering services ranging from world-class scenic flights to private charters and resort transfers. Apart from tours and charters, the company is also fully equipped to provide medevac assistance with its AS355 helicopter.

Managing Director / Chief Pilot Tim JoyceHeli-Tours Fiji is owned and operated by the well-respected and experienced pilot Tim Joyce, who specializes in aerial filming and has been a pilot for productions such as the Sydney Olympics, the Matrix trilogy, the Mission Impossible movies, as well as being the stunt coordinator for the SAS: Who Dares Wins TV show. Tim holds ATP licenses for both helicopters and airplanes, is a Grade One helicopter instructor, and has more than 16,000 flight hours with over 14 years of experience flying in Fiji.

The Joyce Aviation (Fiji) Group includes:

These aviation tourism companies are owned and operated by Tim and Susan Joyce, who came to Fiji in 2003. Tim is one of Fiji’s most experienced helicopter pilots, with sound knowledge of aviation in that country. He has had extensive experience in flight operations for tourism, general charter, aerial construction, mining support, search and rescue, and specialist film work in Australia, Papua New Guinea, India, East Timor, and Myanmar, and has run a number of charter companies and two flying schools in Australia.

With a combined fleet of 11 aircraft, the Joyce Aviation Group is well positioned to offer the ultimate in aviation support for transfers, tours, skydiving, and guest services. Heli-Tours currently operates two helicopter types:

  • The Eurocopter AS355 twin-engine Squirrel (5 passenger seats)
  • The Robinson R44 (3 passenger seats)

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