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Strategically positioned in the heart of Asia-Pacific in the Philippines, Manila-based Asian Aerospace offers globally competitive aircraft charters, aircraft service, fixed-base operations, and aerospace and ground-support equipment. It is also a distributor for leading aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

Established in 1996, Asian Aerospace provides top-quality service for various aircraft in and around the region and interconnects the islands of the Philippines. Asian Aerospace is staffed with highly skilled aviation experts, aircraft engineers, pilots, and professionals with more than 20 years of experience in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Asian Aerospace offers aircraft maintenance and ancillary services, as well as aircraft spare parts, for:

  • Business jets and general aviation aircraft
  • Airlines and large turboprops
  • Government aircraft.


Asian Aerospace deploys modern aircraft that are best suited for the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines.  Its aircraft range from sporty helicopters that can land just about anywhere, to executive turboprops, to the most exquisite corporate jets.

The company’s fleet of more than 15 different jets and helicopters, detailed on AirTaxi.ph, allows customers to travel at their own schedule on the voyage of their choice, whether it be helicopter transport in or out of Manila, a day trip to a famous resort island, or flying to another country. AirTaxi.ph has over 20 hangar facilities in different areas of the Philippines—including Manila, Clark, Cebu, and Roxas—and is expanding to more areas in the near future.

GreenHeli, Asian Aerospace’s helicopter service, tours many of the area’s hot spots and the provincial areas of the Philippines. Its MD helicopters with high-powered turbine engines are the best way to get from airport to resort (and vice versa) in a fraction of the time spent on land or sea trips. While offering convenient airport transfers, GreenHeli also gives local and foreign tourists the unique opportunity to experience an aerial tour above the Philippines’ most popular sites, mountains, beaches, and cities.

Aircraft Sales and Distributorships

MD Helicopters’ MD 500 Series, MD 600N, and the MD 902 are renowned for their ability to operate in extremely high altitudes and hot temperatures with full passengers and fuel. Equipped with NOTAR technology, MD Helicopters forgo the need for tail rotors, resulting in more tranquil and smooth flight.

FBO and Hangar Facilities

Asian Aerospace has 10 hangar facilities in the international airports of Manila, Clark, and Cebu, all equipped with world-class offices, lounges, facilities, and equipment. Asian Aerospace’s fixed-base operations handle customs, immigration, and quarantine processes professionally and smoothly.

Asian Aerospace is the preferred aviation provider for VIPs, premium tourists, multinational organizations, international broadcast media, and casino operators in the Philippines.

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