Rolls-Royce Excellence in Helicopter Maintenance Award

sunyi12345 2018 Award Winners

In the field of helicopter engine repair services, Charles “Chuck” Hagen is known and respected for his expertise, troubleshooting skills, and commitment to excellence and safety for his customers. He is known to drop everything to focus on a specific maintenance issue, leveraging his own experience with a significant professional network of trusted peers. Chuck has even been known to drive six hours to help a U.S.-based customer or fly for 15 hours to support the requirements of an international client. As a result, he is the recipient of numerous letters of gratitude from customers, and his nomination package included eight letters of support from helicopter professionals who recognize and appreciate his abilities and service to customers.

 Chuck’s career in helicopter maintenance began when he received his A&P license in 1992, followed by six years of service in the U.S. Army, working as a 68B10 turbine engine mechanic, where he worked in both depot level and line maintenance units servicing all U.S. Army turbine-powered aircraft.

He joined Aeromaritime America, Inc., part of the ITP Group, in 1996 as a technician/test cell operator, gradually working his way into higher levels of responsibility. He has served as production manager and worked in the company’s Quality Department as a representative for Return to Service.

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