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The long-term success of Bailey Helicopters Ltd. continues to be the company’s ability to improve and expand its services through controlled growth, while at the same time maintaining the highest level of safety, performance, and job completion. The management at Bailey Helicopters understands that safety and performance are key elements that always take precedence to provide exceptional service.

Together, Bailey Helicopters and North Cariboo Air operate a combined modern fleet of 47 aircraft. The company’s knowledge of the Peace Region and the diversity of its fleet enables the company to fulfill its clients’ air support and logistic requirements. Bailey Helicopters and North Cariboo are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, and sustainable working environment wherever they operate — whether for clients, staff, partners, or contractors.

Bailey Helicopters was established in March 1989 with one Bell 47 to service a contract in the North Helmut Oilfields of British Columbia. Two years later, the company purchased its first Bell Jet Ranger. In 1995, a hanger was purchased in Fort St. John, British Columbia, which today remains the company’s head office. Bailey Helicopters has grown steadily over the years to become one of the most respected rotary-wing operators in the North.

Safety is always the top priority of Bailey Helicopters, and the company aims to have “no significant incidents.” The company works to “identify and assess risks that have the potential to become an incident and take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate them.”  

At the same time, Bailey Helicopters prepares for and is ready to respond to potential incidents. To support this, the company continues to roll out initiatives to strengthen its safety culture. This includes improving the safety leadership skills of its staff, simplifying requirements, and rewarding successful performance.

Bailey Helicopters provides helicopter service for:

  • Air ambulance/medevac
  • Aerial application
  • Aerial construction
  • Aerial grapple operations
  • Aerial filming
  • Aerial ignition (drip torch)
  • Aerial photography
  • Avalanche control
  • Bird towing
  • Camp support
  • Cargo hauling
  • Class D external load
  • Forestry support
  • Fire suppression
  • Fisheries
  • Helicopter logging
  • Helicopter tours
  • Heli-skiing
  • Hover exit
  • Hydro/utilities
  • Infrared scanning and mapping
  • Long-lining
  • Mineral exploration
  • Mountain flying
  • Oil and gas support
  • Passenger transport
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Powerline and utilities
  • Seismic drill moves and support
  • Timber cruising
  • Tree planting
  • VIP flights
  • Wildlife capture
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Wildlife telemetry

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