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Helicopter Logistics (HL) is a helicopter and fixed-wing aerial work services provider located at Jandakot Airport in Perth, Western Australia. The company has built its reputation on its commitment to safety and professionalism, while always striving to exceed the client’s expectations.

Aircraft maintenance services are provided across the company’s fleet of Bell and Airbus helicopters. Services are also provided to other helicopter operators thorough the company’s maintenance services business, Helicopter Logistics Engineering.

HL provides a large variety of aerial services, including passenger charter, but the company’s core focus is in the aerial work sector of the aviation industry.

Airborne Geophysics and Mining Support

HL is a pioneer in helicopter services to the airborne geophysics industry. Airborne geophysical survey services are provided by HL to most of the leading airborne geophysics companies and the major exploration companies in Australia (the majority of this work is conducted in remote areas). The company is a member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association and is BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) certified.

Land Management and Fire Operations Support

HL provides land management and emergency services support to state and federal government agencies annually on a contract basis. Much of this work is aerial prescribed burning for bushfire mitigation utilizing incendiary capsules and an underslung helitorch device that dispenses ignited lumps of gelled gasoline.

At wildfire events the company provides Air Attack helicopters for the coordination of all aerial assets at a wildfire, which typically include rotary- and fixed-wing suppression aircraft, air intelligence aircraft (fitted with IR and color camera systems), and media aircraft conducting electronic news gathering roles. The Air Attack aircraft crew are responsible for assigning specific altitudes for all aircraft to operate at, liaising with fire crews on the ground to formulate strategies to fight the fire, and then providing instructions to the suppression aircraft for the delivery of their suppression payload.

Precision Lifting and Construction

HL provides a variety of precision lifting services into areas that are typically inaccessible for a conventional crane service. This may be in a mountainous region where there is no road access, an environmentally sensitive area where no ground access is allowed, or onto a coastal island where the utilization of a ground crane is not possible.

A helicopter aerial crane can often be a faster and more economical solution to the client. The type of work varies greatly but includes: erecting communication towers and installing and removing air-conditioners onto industrial buildings in urban environments.

Aerial Filming

HL is Western Australia’s leading supplier of helicopters and experienced pilots. It is the first choice for Australian and international filming companies when conducting aerial filming projects in WA.

Aerial Advertising

HL and its experienced pilots have been supplying aerial advertising services for more than 25 years. Aerial advertising is a unique and cost-effective method of delivering a message to a target audience. Typically, aerial advertising is conducted at a specific event, but it is also very effective around a city center or along the beach during summer.

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