Bell Helicopter Lifetime Achievement Award

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Since 1958, Dr. John Leverton has worked in the helicopter industry studying and promoting helicopters. Operators, manufacturers, pilots, helicopter owners, and various government and regulatory agencies have all been beneficiaries of his considerable knowledge and efforts in addressing helicopter and heliport issues.

Dr. Leverton has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, a master’s degree in acoustics, and a doctorate in helicopter aero-acoustics. He worked for Westland Helicopters Ltd in the United Kingdom until 1984 when he moved to the United States to work with Westland, Inc. In 1996, he retired and formed his own company.

His comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of helicopter noise makes him very effective in addressing community noise issues. He has been an advisor/ consultant for many helicopter manufacturers, including Bell Helicopter, covering various aspects of noise measurement, environmental assessment issues, public acceptance of helicopters, and civil regulations.

He has published papers and given lectures on these subjects around the world and served as an advisor to the American Petroleum Institute and companies regarding development of guidelines for helidecks. Dr. Leverton also advised HAI on issues in helicopter noise and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and FAA regulations.

Dr. Leverton also served as chair of numerous HAI committees, including Acoustics, Acoustics/ Environmental, Offshore, Heliport, and Fly Neighborly. He also served as director, vice president and advisor on infrastructure/ environmental development for American Helicopter Society International; International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations representative to ICAO on Annex 16; and International Federation of Helicopter Associations representative to the ICAO Aerodrome Panel and Heliport Design working group.

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