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ARSA warns of fraudulent email raising funds for sick child

Paul Smith News from HAI Members

ARSA members have reported receipt of a suspicious email claiming to be from an address and raising money for a sick child. There is evidence that similar messages have been sent claiming to be from other aviation trade associations.

ARSA did not send such a message and does not raise funds for matters not related to the aviation industry. If you received one, please delete it immediately. Contact your IT department or financial institution for assistance if you did participate in the fraudulent fundraiser.

In general, ARSA communications always provide clear instruction/reference regarding any action that should be taken by the recipient, e.g., clicking a link, visiting a website or downloading a file. If you ever have a question about an association message, or doubt the authenticity of something you've received, contact me for help (and a nice discussion about ARSA's real work).

If you'd like to open a real email from ARSA, click here to check out this week's Dispatch (in case you missed it).

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Paul Smith News from HAI Members
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