How to avoid the pitfalls of aviation insurance

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Gregory Popp

Mar. 22, 2021

Attorney tells rotorcraft pros how to protect themselves, their businesses at HAI@Work webinar.

As much as we in the vertical flight industry love to fly and work with helicopters, so do many of us dislike dealing with aviation insurance. But just as important as ensuring your aircraft’s airworthiness is insuring it against loss and liability.

We asked attorney Gregory Popp, of counsel for Hassell-Legal, P.A., to talk with us about this critical topic. A lawyer with decades of experience in aviation insurance, Popp gave participants at last week’s HAI@Work webinar an overview of insurance as well as key insights on what individuals and companies must consider when choosing—and using—a policy.

Among other valuable advice, Popp warned of the many insurance pitfalls, including those that can void your coverage or lead to a claim going unpaid, as well as traps that can leave you holding a crippling bill.

Popp emphasized the importance of taking the time to carefully review not only what your policy covers, but what it doesn’t cover, as well.

“It boils down to this: make sure you read what you’re about to sign, because once you sign it, it’s assumed you understood and accepted the policy,” Popp said.

He then walked through the who, what, when, where, and how of the many different kinds of insurance, explaining many of the terms and their relation to various types of operations.

In all, the webinar covered a great deal of information, including:

  • The many types of aircraft, liability, and first-party policies available
  • What each type of insurance covers, what to consider with each type, and how to identify the amount of coverage you should purchase
  • The five questions you must ask in evaluating coverage
  • The importance of having enough coverage to cover potential legal defense costs
  • What students, renters, and contract pilots should do to ensure they’re covered and protected.

To hear all of Popp’s insurance insight and advice for reviewing and choosing policies, in addition to his answers to attendee questions, watch the video of the webinar in its entirety.

There will be no webinar on Mar. 25, as this week we focus on HAI’s annual Manufacturer Technical Briefings and Virtual Flight Instructor Refresher Course.

Please join us Apr. 1 at 4 pm eastern (UTC-4) for our next HAI@Work webinar, “CEO-to-CEO with Airbus’s Romain Trapp,” when HAI’s Jim Viola will talk with the OEM leader about the state of the helicopter industry.

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