3 longtime rotorcraft pros share valuable safety lessons

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Mar. 15, 2021

The HAI@Work webinar panelists can boast 150 years’ worth of experience between them.

It may well be impossible to gather two or more helicopter industry professionals without a story being shared. Luckily, there are always lessons to learn from others’ reflections on their past experiences.

The Mar. 11 HAI@Work webinar was one such valuable time, when three of our industry’s most seasoned helicopter safety professionals—with a combined 150 years of experience between them—came together to candidly answer attendees’ questions and share their wisdom:

  • J. Heffernan, CEO, J. Heffernan Helicopter Safety Solutions
  • Bill Hopper, director of safety, Helicopters Inc.
  • Stan Rose, CEO, Helicopter Safety Alliance.

No topic was off the table, and more than a few nuggets elicited belly laughs while other anecdotes left attendees deep in thought.

“Safety isn’t cheap, and you have to put your money where your mouth is if you’re serious about it,” Heffernan told viewers.

With that, the trio of pros dove into attendees’ questions, often providing animated answers and unique metaphors. Some of those questions included:

  • What’s the physical difference between commercial and military parts?
  • Is risk assessment getting better? How?
  • How do you feel about aviation safety action programs and flight data/voice recorders? 
  • How often should I practice autorotations and emergency procedures?
  • What does the panel think of view-limiting devices to simulate spatial disorientation?
  • What forums and formats are best for sharing and mentoring others in safety?
  • How can an aviation safety director truly influence what happens in the cockpit and on the shop floor?

To hear all the insight, answers, shared experiences, and advice, watch the video of the webinar in its entirety.

Please join us on Mar. 18, at 4 pm eastern (UTC-4), for our next HAI@Work webinar, “A Lawyer’s View of Your Insurance Policy.”

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