Rotorcraft maintenance offers promising career track

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Mar. 1, 2021

Maintenance, recruiting experts at HAI@Work webinar discuss the breadth of opportunities available.

Helicopter maintenance offers an impressive variety of career opportunities, and today’s shortage of professional maintainers makes this rewarding field doubly attractive.

As the industry experts at our Feb. 25 HAI@Work webinar revealed, job opportunities in this occupation can vary considerably between employers.

At the event, representatives from three rotorcraft maintenance companies described what they look for in hiring rotorcraft maintenance professionals, as well as a typical day on the job and how to prepare for a career in the profession:

  • Matt Nash, director of maintenance, Columbia Helicopters
  • Jessica Calzada, senior human resources director, Columbia Helicopters
  • Rick Cobbold, president, Flight Trails Helicopters
  • Cathy Elsasser, director, human resources, MD Helicopters
  • Ted R. Hall, director, production operations, MD Helicopters.

Small operators tend to seek people who can switch between jobs regularly, noted the panelists, whereas large operators generally want to fill more-focused positions that offer upward mobility. Some companies offer internships. And as for venue, the work can take place anywhere from a comfortable hangar or building to a field in a far-off, exotic locale.

Some entry-level maintenance positions require little more than mechanical aptitude and a dedication to on-the-job training. Others demand certification and experience. Yet, nearly all require the applicant to display five very important attributes, say our experts: safety, a good attitude, teamwork, initiative, and flexibility.

“It takes different people from all different backgrounds to make us complete,” Columbia’s Nash says. “Find your passion and go after it. Don’t be afraid to test the waters. It’s an amazing and absolutely rewarding career.”

The webinar included career guidance on:

  • What skills and experience are needed for various jobs
  • Two scarce maintenance skills employers are desperate to find in applicants
  • Candid advice on what to highlight in—and exclude from—your resume
  • How to make your cover letter shine
  • How to make a good impression in an interview
  • Which benefits to expect in an entry-level maintenance position.

To hear all this advice, and more, in detail and get an up-close look at rotorcraft maintenance careers, watch the video of the webinar in its entirety.

Please join us on Mar. 4 at 4 p.m. eastern (UTC-5) for our next HAI@Work webinar, “Mitigating High-Risk Operations.

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