HAI Member Spotlight: Aircraft Component Design, Massachusetts, USA

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Feb. 16, 2021

A look at an HAI member up close and personal.

Aircraft Component Design (ACD) creates reverse-engineered PMA (parts manufacturer approval) parts and provides FAA engineering services to clients faced with overpriced or out-of-manufacture components. When OEMs no longer support legacy products, or pricing for these parts makes aircraft operation cost-prohibitive, the Southampton, Massachusetts–based company partners to help.

ACD’s replacement parts are priced below OEM list prices and are offered at reduced lead times. By creating these parts, ACD aims to help clients avoid component supply shortages, restore confidence in their supply chain, and build integrity into their delivery schedule. All ACD FAA-PMA components meet or exceed OEM specifications and strictly adhere to FAA design approval regulations and policies.

ACD reverse-engineers parts by obtaining a sample of the requested part from the customer. The engineering team then studies the part and its application, considering fit, form, function, operation, and safety parameters. The team also works closely with clients to recommend changes based on the latest and most cost-effective manufacturing technologies, processes, and materials. The part is then thoroughly reverse-engineered, and ACD creates its own part drawing and design package.

ACD’s Customers
ACD supports all categories of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, including those used in commercial, restricted-category, and military operations. While its primary focus is on small engines and helicopter, regional, commuter, and business jet airframes, the company can also support larger and more-complex platforms.

Typical ACD customers are private aircraft owners and aircraft maintenance companies that operate and overhaul fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. These customers include MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) shops, fleet operators, distributors, brokers, and foreign and domestic militaries.

Common ACD products can be found on airframes, engines (all modules), engine accessories (fuel, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical), power gear boxes, rotor heads, transmissions, and landing gear throughout the world.

Inventory Management
In addition to PMA parts, ACD offers an inventory management service. Understanding the financial and logistical challenges of inventory management, ACD reduces inventory holding and transaction costs by both minimizing the need for multiple sources and developing a strategy designed to improve clients’ delivery-schedule integrity. The company offers locked-in competitive pricing for a year or longer, allowing customers to hedge against inflation and ensure PMA-part supply availability.

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