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Jan. 13, 2021

Staff from various HAI departments share what they’re doing to assist the vertical flight industry this week.

Cade Clark, HAI Vice President of Government Affairs, John Shea, HAI Director of Government Affairs, and Emma Taylor, Policy Analyst

Sign up to Take Action!
Members are urged to sign up for HAI Action Alerts to stay informed of the most important developments and to directly engage with your elected officials when certain bills are up for a vote in Congress! All you have to do is fill in your name and contact information and HAI will notify you when major legislation is up for a vote. The notification may come with an option to “Message Your Congressman,” enabling you to send a prewritten message directly to your elected officials.

Join HAI in Welcoming the Newest Members of Congress
HAI is beginning to reach out to the new members of the 117th Congress and welcome them into public service. To help amplify our members’ voices, HAI challenges you to get in touch with a new or standing member of Congress. There are so many ways to contact your representatives—sending an email, dropping a line by regular mail, calling on the phone, or reaching out through social media. Do your part to help HAI warmly welcome our new congressmen and -women!

PSP2 Application Portal Closes Tomorrow—Apply Now, Before It’s Too Late!
To receive responses on Payroll Support Program extension (PSP2) applications as quickly as possible, HAI members should submit their web-based application form no later than 11:59 p.m. eastern on Jan. 14, 2021. Access the PSP2 application with ID.me.

PSP2 is available for both Part 135 carriers that received funding under the CARES Act and those that did not. HAI encourages members to pay specific attention to the information in the documents pertaining to passenger air carriers that are NOT required to submit Form 41 to the Department of Transportation. Many HAI members aren’t required to file Form 41 and under PSP2 could be entitled to an additional payment equal to 15% of what they received under CARES, or an additional amount equal to what they would have received had they been required to file Form 41.

Applications for PSP2 must be submitted through the Treasury’s online portal. Full instructions are located here.

The HAI Government Affairs team welcomes any questions on PSP2. Please don’t hesitate to contact advocacy@rotor.org for assistance.

PPP Second-Draw Loan Application Portal Opens
The Small Business Association and the US Treasury Department reopened the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan portal on Jan. 11, 2021, at 9 am eastern. The new PPP loans are part of the $900 billion COVID-19 relief package, which allots $284.5 billion for PPP, including $35 billion for first-time PPP loans. The program was opened to new borrowers on Jan. 11 and to second-draw borrowers on Jan. 13. PPP will be open through Mar. 31, 2021. Access the PPP Second Draw Borrower Application Form here.

Second-draw PPP loans are loans designated for borrowers that already received a PPP loan. Borrowers that previously received a PPP loan may be eligible to apply for a second-draw loan under the same general loan terms as were in place for their first-draw loan.

The HAI Government Affairs team welcomes any questions on PPP. Please don’t hesitate to contact advocacy@rotor.org for assistance.

HAI Letter to FAA Requesting Extension of SFAR 118 Amendment 3
HAI sent a joint letter to the FAA requesting extensions of certain exemptions expiring Jan. 31, 2021, in SFAR 118-2 (Relief for Certain Persons and Operations during the Coronavirus Disease 2019) to allow affected pilots, aircraft owners, and operators to safely continue their important roles in the US and worldwide economies and for the overall public benefit. Those requests appear below.

  • Additional Extension of Relief from Duration and Renewal Requirements to Mar. 31, 2021, (14 CFR Parts 61, 63, and 65)
  • Additional Extension of Relief from Certain Training, Recency, Testing, and Checking Requirements to Mar. 31, 2021, (14 CFR Parts 61, 91, and 125, and SFAR 73)
  • Request Reconsideration of Additional Relief to Mar. 31, 2021, for Expanded Relief for Pilot Flight Reviews Under 61.56.

View the full letter in the Legislative Action Center, under “FAA Resources.”

Chris Martino, HAI Senior Director, Operations and International Affairs

Aviation Safety Information
This week, Chris Martino worked closely with the FAA on the next phase of the Rotorcraft Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) Program. The initiative, which began as a grant in 2014, is designed to evaluate the unique requirements for a rotorcraft-centric ASIAS program and to help in the development of an industry-accessible program to help enhance safety. HAI continues to be a driving force in this effort, working closely with industry and academic partners to bring this capability to the vertical flight community.

HAI Working Groups
Chris also developed a revised edition of HAI’s Working Group Guidelines and Procedures Manual. The manual is the core document that describes the processes and procedures for the management of HAI’s various working groups. Currently, the association has 10 active working groups covering a wide range of industry areas, including UAS, restricted- and experimental-category aircraft operations, tour operators, air medical services, and others. To learn more about the working groups and their projects, or to become involved, visit rotor.org/about/working-groups.

FAA Drone Advisory Committee
Lastly, Chris was also actively engaged over the past week with the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee’s (DAC) Task Group 9 efforts. Recently, the DAC has been looking closely at issues surrounding remote identification capabilities for unmanned systems as well as ways manned aviation can gain enhanced awareness of unmanned operations. The task group is working to identify potential mitigations and solutions to UAS integration and to provide recommendations to the DAC.

Chris Hill, HAI Director of Safety

The HAI Member Services Department—including our exhibiting and demonstration flight crews—is working diligently to provide a safe experience to all who attend HAI HELI-EXPO 2021 in New Orleans, March 22–25. As part of that effort, Harold Summers, HAI Director of Flight Operations; Zac Noble, HAI Director of Maintenance and Technology; and Chris Hill have completed the finishing touches on this year’s Flight Operations Guidelines / Pilot Safety Handbook. The 2021 guide includes electronic flight kneeboard cards to provide pilots with quick access to the most relevant flight operations and safety information.

Any operators interested in attending HELI-EXPO should contact Harold Summers at harold.summer@rotor.org and visit HAI’s “Exhibiting Aircraft” page.

Dan Sweet, HAI Director of Public Relations and Communications, and Jaasmin Foote, Social Media Manager

HAI@Work Webinars
HAI’s webinar series “HAI@Work” reached a significant milestone in late December, when the combined viewership (live plus video views) exceeded 10,000 total views. Started in April 2020, the 33 webinars have attracted viewers worldwide, focusing on safety, training, business issues, industry trends, and advice for those new to the industry or people who are seeking career changes.

As of Jan. 13, 2021, 5,256 people have attended the webinars live (an average of 160 participants per episode), and 5,931 have watched the videos of the webinars (179 average views).

The webinars receiving the highest live attendee counts included “Employment Suggestions with JSFirm.com” (404 on Apr. 23), “Harnessing the Value of Flight Data Monitoring” (299 on Jul. 9), and “COVID-19 Stimulus Efforts” (232 on Apr. 9).

The webinars with the most online views include “Using Virtual Reality to Design the Future of Flight” (643 since airing Jun. 11), “If You Could See What We’ve Seen: Aviation Accident Investigators’ Perspectives” (513 since Sep. 17), and “Longline Operations: Training and Discussion” (431 since Aug. 20).

2021 ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest Winners
Last week, HAI announced the winners of the 2021 ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest. Now in its ninth year, the contest encourages photographers from around the world to submit their images of helicopters and drones in a variety of categories that represent the rotorcraft industry. And this year’s top entries truly reflect the industry’s international breadth, with our winners hailing from no fewer than five countries.

This year’s Grand Prize–winning photograph (above), by Mark Mennie, reminds us of a grim year but also of how proud we can be of our everyday heroes. Mennie shot the image in April 2020 to illustrate the new standards for personal protective equipment (PPE) that had been recently implemented to safely transport critically ill patients with COVID-19. Visit contest.rotor.org to view the rest of this year’s winners.

Dave Pierson, HAI Director of Marketing

Surveys to Develop Helpful Member Programs
HAI’s Marketing Department is currently working on several member surveys, including one on safety. If you receive a survey from us, please take the time to answer the important questions it contains about the helicopter industry and your recent experiences and challenges. Your responses will help us make better decisions about how HAI develops programs to help you and your business. We especially want to understand the operator’s point of view and the challenges you face.

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