HAI International Spotlight: Aerobay, France

Jen Boyer Top Story

Oct. 13, 2020

A look at an international HAI member up close and personal.

Founded by a team of passionate aerospace engineers, Aerobay is an innovative Web-based store dedicated to aerospace spare-parts trading for the commercial aviation, business jet, and helicopter markets.

Through consignment and inventory services, Aerobay buys, sells, and recycles aircraft components. Using this approach to business, the Paris, France–based company seeks to provide a secure, fast way for buyers and sellers to connect with one another while allowing customers to resell their surplus stock at other than list price if desired.

Aerobay’s open and free online platform supports small and medium-sized OEM supplier businesses, connecting them with thousands of global spare-parts customers. Visitors to the website can search for parts by latest arrivals, category, part number, or OEM. Aerobay is compensated at the point of sale.

Nonparts Services
In addition to parts sales, Aerobay provides several support services, including aircraft asset management, rotable stock audits and optimization, surplus-pricing recommendations, consignment-stock management, surplus-stock purchases, and OEM parts distribution.

With its aircraft asset management service, Aerobay provides aircraft valuation reports and teardown-operation management. The company’s valuation reports list the potential residual value of an aging aircraft after it’s been dismantled and its parts sold. The more information a client can share (such as aircraft history, on-condition components list, engine LLP [life-limited parts] sheet, and so on), the more Aerobay’s expert team can provide the best recommendations regarding end-of-life management.

For teardown-operation management, Aerobay works as a project manager, hiring service providers to help with processes from teardown to consignment.

For companies seeking to optimize their rotable spare parts, Aerobay offers stock audits and recommendations. By reviewing fleet size and configuration, parts reliability, and repair time, the Aerobay team can define the ideal quantity per part number to guarantee the permanent availability of rotable parts with a minimal risk of AOG (aircraft on ground).

Aerobay also helps customers with surplus stock by offering surplus-pricing recommendations, consignment-stock management, and surplus-stock purchases.

Aerobay welcomes interested parties to visit www.aero-bay.com to register, at no charge, to become a buyer or seller in an expanding spare-parts marketplace.

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