HAI International Tuesday: KADEX Aero Supply, Canada

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KADEX Aero Supply is an independent aircraft parts and supplies distributor with locations in Peterborough, Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company distributes both OEM and Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts and consumables from more than 100 manufacturers. Its inventory includes exterior and interior lighting, brakes and brake components, filters, inlet barrier filter systems, instruments, gauges, engine- and battery-preheat systems, fuel cells, igniters, exciter boxes, hoses, batteries, and engine oil. KADEX also offers a wide range of overhaul and repair services for many rotable items used on numerous platforms, as well as maintenance and technical support and Aircraft on Ground (AOG) services.

Family owned and operated, the business has served helicopter operators and airlines worldwide since 1994, when 4 employees—John Lavery, Ken Blow, Glenda Lavery, and Rob Weaver—began a one-room operation that eventually grew into today’s hardworking team of 35 staff members.  

From the beginning, KADEX has taken pride in specializing in legacy airframes, including those by Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper Aircraft, Viking, Bombardier, Bell, and others. This year, the company is celebrating its 25th year in business.

“Twenty-five years! It’s hard for us to believe,” says John Lavery, President and CEO of KADEX Aero Supply. “Who would have predicted that, with little more than a unique opportunity and a four-person team, we’d survive to celebrate 25.

“Some would say our survival is a tribute to hard work and good luck,” Lavery continues. “We’d like to think our success results from both, plus a constant commitment to our guiding principles, doing the right thing, commitment to employees and their families, and delivering high-quality value-added service to our great customers and vendors.”

The KADEX team includes (from left): Ken Blow, vice president and technical support; Glenda Lavery, CFO; and John Lavery, president and CEO.

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