HAI International Tuesday: ADAC HEMS Academy, Germany

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ADAC HEMS Academy is an internationally oriented flight training center for helicopter pilots, available to all EC135, EC145, and H145 operators worldwide, including those in the air rescue, police, offshore, VIP, and military sectors.

The company also offers doctors and paramedics integrated training options in realistic helicopter air ambulance (HAA) scenarios. HEMS Academy is the world’s first integrated training center for HAA helicopter pilots, emergency doctors, and rescue paramedics, and the first to provide each of these three professions with a specifically matched training program.

With a head office at Airfield Bonn/Hangelar (EDKB), located in Sankt Augustin, Germany, the HEMS Academy is conveniently located only one hour from the Frankfurt am Main Airport (EDDF) by car or by intercity train and is in close proximity to the international airports of Cologne Bonn (EDDK) and Dusseldorf (EDDL). Participants can also fly directly to the Academy’s doorstep at EDKB with a small plane or helicopter.

Flight Training

The simulated environment in the company’s full flight simulator (FFS) builds confidence and competence and enables crew members to develop routines for handling critical scenarios. Flight training in a simulated environment, facilitated by skilled instructors, forms the basis of today’s training for professional helicopter pilots who search for excellence. Simulation training is highly recommended by the Institute for European Helicopter Safety Team and the US National Transportation Safety Board.

Training delivered in an FFS environment delivers significant advantages in training benefits and efficiency while avoiding all risks involved in training in a helicopter. Training scenarios that are impractical, difficult, dangerous, or expensive to reproduce in a live environment can be accomplished efficiently and with no risk to crew or aircraft. Although these situations may be encountered infrequently by aircrews, pilot and crew need to be trained so that in the moment, they can respond in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

HEMS Academy simulation training platforms provide scenario-based training that is repeatable, controllable manner, where learning can take place with no risk to the crew, aircraft, or environment. Other advantages of using an FFS include:

  • Simulation of any weather condition, such as instrument meteorological conditions (IMC); no need to wait for the right weather or conditions; training can occur around the clock.
  • Training is environmentally friendly (no fuel consumption or noise impact)
  • Aircraft is not taken out of service for training, and no maintenance costs are incurred
  • No time wasted repositioning aircraft to begin, for example, another approach; scenarios can be paused or restarted, providing pilots with immediate feedback
  • Train is available to specific mission profiles and scenarios; a multitude of mission-specific scenarios are available and customer-specific ones can be designed
  • New procedures can be reviewed and verified in a safe environment
  • The FFS features exact cockpit replication, with all switches, gauges, and panels exactly where they should be.

Other Training

In addition to flight simulation training, HEMS offers the following training options and services:

  • Extended computer-based training for EC135 und EC145 operation, as well as the preflight check, inspection, and safety training
  • A sophisticated touch-screen system trainer for the EC135
  • A state-of-the-art avionic desktop trainer for the H145 - Helionix Step 2
  • Tailormade iOS trainings for customers’ instructors, which is required when planning to use the simulators in a dry-lease arrangement
  • Briefing und debriefing rooms, customer offices, and training rooms, including modern visualization equipment and a lounge
  • Catering service, with free high-speed Internet and online booking tool.

HEMS also offers specialized medical training for HAA crews. This includes training for ADAC, the German automobile association, which also provides HAA services to its members, as well for external customers.

  • Technical crew member: basic course plus annual refresher courses
  • Medical devices law: basic course plus annual refresher courses
  • Hygiene training: basic course plus annual refresher courses
  • Introductory courses for emergency doctors.

Training courses for third parties include the following:

  • Intensive care transport courses per the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatric medical emergency courses per the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine
  • Tailor-made training formats for third parties
  • Medical team resource management.

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