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A weekly update illustrating some of the ways that Helicopter Association International (HAI) is “keeping the rotors turning” for our members.

Cade Clark, Vice President, Government Affairs & John Shea, Director, Government Affairs

Over the first week of Congress’s two-week recess, the HAI government affairs team is meeting with dozens of congressional staffers to discuss veterans’ educational benefits and workforce development issues.

In addition to ensuring full funding for the two aviation maintenance and pilot grant programs created in last year’s FAA reauthorization bill, Cade and John are working to promote alternative financing options for students interested in pursuing a career in aviation. There is momentum in both houses of Congress to pass comprehensive higher education reforms before the end of the calendar year, and HAI will continue to advocate for policies that promote a sustainable pipeline of pilots and technicians to meet industry demands.

Chris Martino, Vice President, Operations

Last week, Chris worked closely with the FAA and industry on the Rotorcraft Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (R-ASIAS) follow-on program.

The ASIAS Program collects safety data provided on a voluntary basis from government and industry sources. This de-identified data is then analyzed to monitor known risk, evaluate the effectiveness of deployed mitigations, and detect emerging risk. Ninety-nine percent of US airlines participate in the program, and this type of data sharing and analysis is one reason why that aviation sector has reduced its risk of fatalities by 83 percent from 1993 to 2008.

Beginning in 2014, operating under an FAA-funded grant, HAI has been managing the R-ASIAS Program, designed to establish an effective ASIAS program that meets the unique needs of the rotorcraft community. That grant expired earlier this year and since then, HAI has been engaged with the FAA to establish a continued path forward for this valuable program. The FAA’s recent approval of a Memorandum of Agreement with HAI allows for continued work.

Matt Callan, Director, Regulations and International Affairs

Last week, Matt began work editing and updating Chapter 4 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) revised Onshore Heliport Design and Operations Manual. Matt is completing this work as a member of a task force under ICAO’s Aerodrome Design Operations Panel, Heliport Design Working Group.

Matt also drafted two working papers for HAI’s Regulatory-Safety Working Group (RSWG). One was on operating non–IFR certificated aircraft in, or near, instrument meteorological conditions; the second was on restraint of passengers and service animals on helicopters.

As a member of HAI’s Operations Department, Matt also completed drafting a new article for the Fall edition of ROTOR magazine, tentatively titled “New Technology Brings Increased Safety and Efficiency - File IFR and Fly TK Routes.”

Chris Hill, Director, Safety

This week, Chris joins HAI colleagues Zac Noble and Greg Brown at the 2019 CHC Safety & Quality Summit. This year’s theme is “Shining a Light on Safety: Are We Looking in the Right Places?”

The summit featured an opening address from CHC CEO Dave Balevic and will also include a plenary discussion conducted by some of the top minds in the aviation and safety arenas. The 15th CHC Safety & Quality Summit will feature approximately 100 concurrent sessions over the three-day period, providing summit attendees plenty of opportunity to hear from industry experts and network with colleagues.

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