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Paul Smith HAI at Work

A weekly update illustrating some of the ways that Helicopter Association International (HAI) is “keeping the rotors turning” for our members.

Cade Clark, Vice President, Government Affairs

While Congress is away for the August recess, the government is still moving forward on some important issues for general aviation. On Monday, Steve Dickson was sworn in as FAA administrator, giving the agency a permanent leader for the first time in more than a year and a half. Dan Elwell, the former acting administrator, will return to his post as FAA deputy administrator.

During Dickson's swearing-in ceremony today, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao noted that the FAA has been considered the world’s gold standard in aviation safety but the 737 MAX accidents serve as a “reminder that the FAA cannot take its global safety leadership position for granted.” Upon his swearing in, Dickson was immediately tasked by Chao to evaluate his agency's performance in light of the 737 MAX crashes.
In a statement, Dickson said he looked forward to “ensuring our aviation system maintains its proper place, leading the world in both safety and operational performance.” He also said he'll focus broadly on safety as well as on issues related to automation.

Chris Hill, Director, Safety

Chris and Ed DiCampli, HAI chief of operations, are attending the US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) annual all-hands meeting. More than 100 industry and government USHST members are scheduled to attend the two-day event at the Robinson Helicopter Company’s factory in Torrance, CA. The meeting will focus on the USHST’s helicopter safety enhancements, which are operational guidelines and best practices that can reduce fatal rotorcraft accidents. To learn more about how you can improve safety within your operation and within the industry, visit www.USHST.org.

Matt Callan, Director, Regulations and International Affairs

Last week, Matt spoke with a representative from the FAA’s Seattle Aircraft Certification Office about the minimum crew required for conducting night-vision goggle landings and takeoffs at an unimproved site. The FAA representative agreed to take this issue to the FAA’s Rotorcraft Directorate to review possible amendments to the requirements for supplemental type certificates.

Matt also completed a draft of HAI’s reply to an FAA notice of an unmanned aircraft system operator’s petition for exemption from FAA regulations.

As staff liaison to the HAI Fly Neighborly / Environmental Committee, Matt deconflicted schedules and coordinated three one-hour Fly Neighborly seminars, one for each day during HAI HELI-EXPO 2020,so that committee members can update rotorcraft operators on the criticality of flying neighborly.

Dan Sweet, Director, Public Relations and Communications

Dan was in Anaheim for an HAI HELI-EXPO site visit, preparing for the upcoming show in January.

While he was in Southern California, he took the opportunity to visit Helinet Aviation Services, an HAI member business that specializes in movie production work, electronic news gathering (ENG), air ambulance services, VIP charter, and other flight services. For the company’s ENG work, Helinet has four helicopters (see picture) and crews on standby, ready to cover breaking news across the Los Angeles region for the major networks.

Anuja Miner, Director, Membership

If you have already paid your annual dues and still received an invoice in the mail, please disregard that final notice. The Membership Department also reminds members that the cancellation deadline is September 1. If you have not paid your dues by then and are still interested in being a member, you will have to rejoin and will still pay the full dues amount for the fiscal year.

To exhibit at HAI HELI-EXPO 2020 at the member rate, your membership dues for HAI fiscal year 2019–20 must be received before or at the time Applications for Space are received.

Zac Noble, Deputy Director, Flight Operations & Technical Services

Over the past few weeks, Zac has been assisting an HAI member in Southern California involved in motion-picture filming. He has provided guidance on securing approval for the use of experimental rotorcraft in upcoming motion pictures.

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