HAI International Tuesday: Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd - Australia

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Operating a diverse helicopter fleet throughout Australia and many parts of the world since 1970, Helicopter Resources (HR) Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s longest established helicopter companies and is wholly Australian owned.

HR pilots are vastly experienced in helicopter aerial and charter operations, which include work in the Antarctic, offshore, low-level aerial, vertical reference (long line), executive transport, mountainous terrain, overwater, and remote area operations.

Coupled with a highly skilled and experienced engineering department and a comprehensive parts and component inventory, the company maintains the highest levels of operating safety and aircraft serviceability.

HR applies a high standard of ongoing maintenance to its fleet, using appropriately licensed and experienced personnel to support all types of helicopter operations. Company pilots are required to maintain a high level of operational skill and carry out regular check flights, with additional training accomplished where required.

The company is firmly committed to seeking the highest level of operational excellence as a basic corporate policy. HR takes pride in providing the safest and most reliable service to its customers and has an exceptional safety record, having won internationally recognized safety awards.

HR has an ongoing development program dedicated to maintaining the highest possible level of flight safety and engineering standards, in addition to a well-established ISO 9001:2015 quality system, safety management system, and occupational health and safety system.

The company is dedicated to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner. HR strives to meet or exceed the environmental protection standards expected by the community to ensure the proper care and custody of the environment for future generations. HR is consistent with the requirements of ISO 14001.

HR services include:

  • Charters
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance
  • Remotely piloted aircraft
  • Offshore
  • Antarctic operations
  • Ground-crew training.

HR has eight AS350 helicopters suited to a wide variety of tasks. The aircraft can be fitted with any of the following:

  • Pop-out floats for overwater flights
  • External baskets for carrying loose/bulky equipment
  • Satellite/cell tracking systems
  • Remote hooks for external loads.

HR helicopters are fitted with Spidertracks satellite tracking, enabling real-time location and situation information overlaid onto Google Maps, accessible via the Internet by any user, from anywhere, anytime.

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