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Paul Smith HAI at Work

A weekly update illustrating some of the ways that Helicopter Association International (HAI) is “keeping the rotors turning” for our members.

Cade Clark, Vice President, Government Affairs

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe discussing both past accomplishments and future legislative initiatives targeting aviation at EAA’s AirVentureLast week, Cade attended EAA’s AirVenture and participated in Sen. Jim Inhofe’s (R-Okla.) Congessional Forum, where Inhofe reviewed his legislative accomplishments in the recent FAA reauthorization bill. He also highlighted his new bill, S. 2198, the PLANE Act, noting that the bill would set a positive path for the future of the aviation industry. (Photo: Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe discussing both past accomplishments and future legislative initiatives targeting aviation at EAA’s AirVenture.)

The PLANE Act “enhances legal protections for pilots that must contend with the federal bureaucracy, requires additional transparency when FAA makes decisions impacting aviation stakeholders, and promotes investment at general aviation airports, the backbone of our national aviation system,” said Inhofe. “It would also secure the future of aviation by ensuring the air traffic controllers and FAA designees our aviation community depends on have access to needed opportunities for training and development.”

Matt Callan, Director of Regulations and International Affairs

Last week, Matt completed a draft business plan for creating members-only content for rotor.org in preparation for briefing HAI senior leadership. Matt also conducted a phone conference with FAA representatives regarding single-pilot use of night-vision goggles (NVG) below 300 feet AGL to and from a landing at an unimproved site. As a follow-on, Matt developed proposed survey questions, to be distributed sometime in the near future, for HAI members who routinely operate via single pilot on NVGs.

Other projects included drafting of an Affiliate Reciprocal Agreement template for future use with HAI affiliates, and pursuit of validation and safety verification regarding ICAO’s proposed implementation of 9-degree glide path angle on point-in-space instrument approaches.

Dan Sweet, Director of Public Relations and Communications

Chris Cornwell, technical director of Ultimate HelicoptersOn Tuesday, Dan took a short break from his vacation to visit Ultimate Helicopters, an HAI member company in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ultimate Helicopters operates throughout Africa all year and in Antarctica during the summer season there.

During his visit to Ultimate Helicopters, Dan spoke with Chris Cornwell, technical director, (shown at left) as well as with pilots Vuyisa Mrwebi (shown at right, seated on skid) and Sibongiseni Shandu (in the cockpit). On the day of Dan's visit, Shandu completed his certification for his ATP rating from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

Anuja Miner, Director of Membership

Even though the HAI membership year ended on June 30, you still have time to pay your annual dues and avoid any interruptions in your HAI member benefits. If that includes you, please renew NOW. If you have already paid and received an invoice in the mail, please disregard that notice.

Remember, the deadline for Lottery 2 is about two weeks away, on August 9. Your membership dues must be paid in full before then to receive member rates on your Application for Space.

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