HAI International Tuesday: Vostok Aviation Company, JSC - Russian Federation

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Vostok Aviation Company is a Russian and internationally licensed passenger and cargo air carrier with more than 70 years of experience in aviation, including more than 20 years of international operations. Its main base is Khabarovsk Novy Airport (UHHH).

The company started operations in May 1945 as the 264th Squadron of the Far Eastern division of Aeroflot. It began operating helicopters in 1955. In 1993 after the collapse of the USSR, the company was incorporated as a joint stock company and began expanding operations worldwide.

Vostok Aviation offers scheduled passenger service throughout the Russian Far East, including Bogorodskoye, Chumikan, Khabarovsk, Kherpuchi, Nelkan, Novokurovka, and Pobeda.

It also operates in Haiti, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, East Timor, and Malaysia. Much of this work is conducted through United Nations contracts.

The company offers a wide range of aviation services and operates several types of aircraft. Vostok Aviation’s executive team works to meet the requirements of every client, emphasizing flight safety, prompt arrangements, and customer convenience.

Vostok Aviation operates two Eurocopter AS350s and a variety of Mil helicopters: 10 multipurpose Mi-8MTV-1, seven Mi-8Ts, and four Mi-8Ps. It also flies five Antonov An-28 and three An-38 airplanes.

Vostok Aviation is a member of Helicopter Association International and ranks among the members of the Federal Register of Sustainable Suppliers. Vostok Aviation is a stable company with good economic performance, which enlarges the scope of its partners and customers.
In addition to scheduled and nonscheduled passenger and cargo flights, Vostok Aviation is capable of, but not limited to, the following flight operations:

  • VIP flights for tourism and leisure
  • Offshore drilling site support
  • Inspection of oil/gas pipelines and power lines
  • Forest patrol and firefighting
  • Air ambulance flights
  • Emergency evacuations
  • External sling-load transportation
  • Search-and-rescue operations
  • Aerial surveying and photography
  • Air transport for UN peacekeeping missions
  • Transport of hazardous materials.

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