Florida high school seeks to purchase helicopter for maintenance training

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Seminole County Public Schools is requesting nation-wide assistance in their search to purchase an older helicopter for their aviation maintenance training program.

“Our purchasing department published a bid for a used helicopter (see description below) last week and we did not have anyone with a submission,” says Jill Fierle, coordinator for K-12 Career Education and Readiness Initiatives. “We have decided to publish one last time to see if there is anyone, nationwide, that might be able to fulfill this bid.”

The district requests that anyone with information about an available helicopter forward this information to anyone interested and able to fulfill the order. “Your help is greatly appreciated,” adds Fierle.” We know that the aviation community is a tight-knit group, so we are hoping we can find a helicopter through our partner connections.”

Please feel free to call or email Fierle with any questions, cell: 407-951-0833, or email: jill_fierle@scps.k12.fl.us .

“This would be an amazing addition to our program and such a unique opportunity for students. Thank you for ALL of your continued support!!”

Description of Desired Helicopter


The helicopter is for training students in basic repair and operation of the aircraft. The District is looking for a used helicopter no bigger than an R22, similar, or smaller. The helicopter needs to be complete (not stripped), fully functional (engine starts, flight control is functional, etc.) but is not air worthy (i.e. it has reached its maximum flight hours and can no longer fly in US air space). The helicopter should include ground handling wheels.
The helicopter must be in acceptable condition, for example, limited or no rust and not junked.

The District is looking for immediate purchase, but is also cognizant of the need to inspect prior to acceptance of the helicopter and all transportation and delivery costs. The District will also factor-in the costs for a District assigned professional to travel to the plane’s location to complete the inspection.

The budget for this purchase is $49,000.00 to include purchase of helicopter and delivery.  

Bidder is to provide detailed pictures, available maintenance, ownership and flight log records as well as title, etc.


  • Required Delivery:  No later than June 30, 2019
  • Packing slips and invoices:  MUST include the SBSC purchase order number.
  • Partial shipments:  Will NOT be accepted.  Orders MUST ship complete.
  • Pricing shall include freight charges.  Additional freight charges will not be accepted.  Lift-gate is NOT required.


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