HAI International Tuesday: Redstar Aviation – Turkey

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Redstar Aviation (RSA) is one of the leading and most experienced air ambulance service providers in Turkey, as well as for Europe, the Middle East, and the North Africa region.
RSA began its air ambulance operations in 1989. As one of the pioneering organizations in Europe, RSA has evolved into a globally-recognized air ambulance service provider within the industry. The company’s mission and vision caters to the needs and requirements of its clients in the most efficient and effective manner. RSA has experience in operating both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, however it recently solely focused on the fixed-wing operations of the business.
RSA is currently providing commercial aviation services under its own Air Operator’s Certificate with the approval number of TR-AT-015, which was originally obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Transportation in 1989. The company is currently capable of conducting worldwide operations and the footprints of its operations are expanding each day.
RSA is currently operating four Bombardier Learjet45 (XR) aircraft predominantly for air ambulance operations. It is RSA’s strategy to increase the number of aircraft, introduce different type(s) of aircraft to operations, and ensure a higher level of operational diversification. It is also within RSA’s plans to step back into rotary-wing operations by blending its local knowledge with the great experience of its parent company, Gulf Helicopters Company (GHC).
RSA shares were taken over by GHC in 2014, which lead to a structural and management change in the company’s organization. With the involvement of GHC, RSA has adopted a new business strategy, a fresher brand image, and improved operational capabilities, which is now yielding growing operations, enlarging its customer base and a group of satisfied clients.
While RSA’s core business is to provide air ambulance services, the past three decades have seen RSA excel in a wide spectrum of services, helping to develop tailor-made solutions for the unique needs of its clients. In this regard, RSA has developed skills to provide:

  • VIP charter services,
  • Medical escort services,
  • Offshore support services,
  • Heli-skiing support services,
  • And numerous other aviation-related services

RSA offshore operation provides services to the oil and gas industry, supporting drilling and exploration platforms located in the open ocean. The services provided include personnel and cargo transfer, medical support, and search and rescue operations.
RSA’s offshore operation has been providing these services for Turkish oil and gas companies for many years. The company has been heavily involved in numerous Black Sea drilling projects and became a service provider for TPC, British Petroleum, Petrobras, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, SAIPEM and ENI.

RSA’s involvement in the energy sector is not just limited to offshore services, as the company also provides aerial support services for land-based oil and gas exploration projects, pipeline construction projects, and the construction and development of power stations.

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