JSfirm.com adds 10,000+ new maintenance professionals

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JSfirm.com is pleased to announce a new job distribution service with D.O.M. Media Group that will showcase current aviation job opportunities to an additional 10,000 maintenance professionals weekly, through a eNewsletter called JOBS INSIGHT. This service is a part of the JSfirm.com Job Distribution Network, a multi-faceted action plan to help address the shortage of qualified professionals in the aviation industry.

“Reaching out to the audience of both D.O.M. magazine and Helicopter Maintenance magazine, Jobs Insight’s goal is to provide aviation maintenance professionals with accurate, up-to-date information. JSfirm.com jobs are real, verses being pulled randomly from the internet,” says D.O.M. publisher Greg Napert. “We work very well with JSfirm and the information they provide is enormously useful to our audience.”  

JSfirm.com Manager of Partnerships Abbey Hutter says of the new partnership, “JSfirm.com is proud to partner with D.O.M. Media Group, as they clearly meet the high standard we set for our Job Distribution Partners.” She continues, “Our Job Distribution Network is a one-of-a-kind system, creating a way for jobs posted on JSfirm.com to get in front of passive job seekers on websites that are not traditionally thought of as job boards or hiring websites. Once a job is in our Network, it is sent to colleges and universities, trade organizations, and media outlets, such as D.O.M. and Helicopter Maintenance magazines.”  

Through the numerous existing JSfirm.com partners and through new partner D.O.M. magazine, companies who advertise open positions on JSfirm.com are able to have their jobs seen by thousands of additional passive candidates. JSfirm.com partnerships are giving aviation companies and aviation professionals a way to connect that is unique to the industry, at a time when such connections are vital to the sustainment of the industry.

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