Supporting customers amid a pandemic: how the world’s largest helicopter OEM does it

Jen Boyer HAI at Work

Jim Viola (left) and Romain Trapp

Apr. 5, 2021

President of Airbus Helicopters shares his insights in recent HAI@Work webinar.

Staying atop the industry while forging a path to the future is a challenge for the globe’s biggest helicopter maker on a normal day. To do this heavy lift during a pandemic, when your customers need your support more than ever, turns the dial up to 11.

To find out how Airbus Helicopters, the world’s largest helicopter OEM, has maintained its industry-leading position amid COVID, HAI CEO Jim Viola met virtually with the company’s president and head of its North America region, Romain Trapp, at the Apr. 1, 2021, HAI@Work webinar. The two discussed how Airbus has responded to its own challenges, as well as those of its customers, during these trying times while keeping an eye to the future.

In 2020, helicopter operators experienced a 10% reduction overall in operational hours compared with 2019, Trapp told webinar participants, yet, on the whole, that cut occurred early on, in March and April.

“What we also saw, though, was that 75% of aircraft flying during 2020 were flying to save lives, protect people, and maintain the critical infrastructure needed in our communities,” Trapp added. “As a result, we had to go back to normal. We went all in for safety measures to ensure Airbus was available to support our customers.”

Trapp shared several insights into how Airbus Helicopters has been working throughout the pandemic to meet demand and position the company for leadership in the future. Topics he emphasized included:

  • What the new normal will look like at Airbus after COVID safety measures are lifted
  • The company’s work in advanced air mobility and how it could look in the future
  • Regulatory challenges facing the OEM
  • How Airbus is working to increase safety and reduce accidents
  • The manufacturer’s work in noise reduction technology
  • New products and innovations from the company

Trapp also took time to answer several attendee questions.

To hear everything shared between the two executives and their online audience, watch the video of the webinar in its entirety.

Please join us on Apr. 8, at 4 pm eastern (UTC-4), for our next HAI@Work webinar, “An Update with Members of the International Partnership Program,” where leaders from HAI and rotorcraft associations in Great Britain, Chile, and the European Union will share how HAI’s International Partnership Program is helping strengthen helicopter operations around the world.

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