Earn Business & Trust, Fly HAI Accredited

Helicopter Association International promotes operating to a higher standard. HAI's Accreditation Program of Safety (HAI-APS) program helps helicopter operators reduce accident and incident rates by improving their safety culture. HAI developed the program to help participating businesses “fly to a higher standard” of safety and professionalism.

Accreditation Pricing*

It's cheaper than an accident or losing business

Small Operation
  • 1-5 Helicopters or 1-3 Bases
  • 1 Auditor
  • 1 Day on Site for Audit
Medium Operation
  • 6-9 Helicopters or 4-8 Bases
  • 2 Auditors
  • 2 Days on Site for Audit
Large Operation
  • 20+ Helicopters or 9+ Bases
  • 2-3 Auditors
  • 2-3 Days on Site for Audit

*Prices do not include the cost of program manuals, reference materials, auditing tool, and auditor expenses. Must already be a member of Helicopter Association International to receive materials and complete the audit.

Advantages of HAI-APS Accreditation
Earn Trust & Recognition

Our safety program was designed with all sized operations in mind. The performance based model allows easy adaptation for both small and large scale operations.

Attract More Business

Designed around safety, the HAI-APS follows a set of guidelines and procedures specific to your operation, so your clients and passengers know they’re in good hands.

Reduced Rates

When you’re flying safe — it looks good to everyone, even insurance providers. Being HAI-APS and IS-BAO certified could reduce rates from insurance providers.

13 Mission Specific Standards

The HAI-APS offers operators an opportunity to become “HAI-APS Accredited” in any one of the 13 mission-specific standards, each covering a different segment of the helicopter industry. These standards were developed to encourage the implementation of industry best practices and the development of controls to mitigate risks associated with particular helicopter missions.

Aerial Application Airborne Law Enforcement Air Tour
Corporate & VIP Transportation Electronic News Gathering (ENG) Aerial Film & Photography
External Loads & Heavy Lift Flight Training Helicopter Air Ambulance
Heli-Skiing Off-Shore Powerline & Pipeline
  Wildlife Management & Mustering