With Our Deepest Respects

HAI HELI-EXPO 2020 Interview with Aviation International News

Matt Zuccaro played a significant role in the rotorcraft industy, making it better, stronger and safer. Please share your memories of your experiences with Matt, or messages to his family here.  For more information on Matt’s life and career, please see this article from the Winter 2020 issue of ROTOR.


Your Thoughts and Prayers

  • European Helicopter Association , Germany
    With deep sadness, we have read the announcement that Matt Zuccaro passed away. On behalf of all members of EUROPEAN HELICOPTER ASSOCIATION (EHA) I would like to offer our sincere condolences to his wife, Doreen, his family and his friends and colleagues. The worldwide helicopter community has lost a strong advocator for a sustainable and safer helicopter industry. At EHA we will never forget Matt's friendship and his continuous support to our association. - Peter Moeller, Chairman, European Helicopter Association , Germany
  • Richard D Huggins , New Yrok
    When I heard the news of Matt's passing this morning I was visibly shaken. My personal story about Matt is one I have told to the ERHC membership when introducing Matt. In the early nineties I was new to the New York area working as an SIC for a corporate flight department. I was about as green as could be, and I knew virtually no one. I started attending the ERHC meetings and that is where I met Matt. I would sit in awe in the audience when Matt would speak. I remember thinking "how could this man know so much about the helicopter industry, and how can he present the information in such an easy going, yet forceful way". After every one of his talks I would be fired up to get involved. It took me a long time to even approach Matt and introduce myself, to me Matt was a rock star. When I did finally work up the nerve, I found my hesitation was unfounded. Matt made me feel that I was important, and could make a difference. These talks would build my confidence, and as the years went by I decided to join the ERHC as a committee chair, and eventually serve on the ERHC Board of Directors. I am now privileged to serve as the ERHC Chairman, and I often reflect on how Matt's encouragement was instrumental to my success in the rotor-craft industry, as well as giving me the courage to serve our industry with the ERHC. My relationship with Matt, taught me that there are no limits to what a person can achieve when they understand that giving back only brings us forward. My wife Janice and I send out our deepest condolences to Doreen, as well as the rest of Matt's family. - Richard D Huggins , New Yrok
  • Rob Chambers, Medford Oregon
    Sad to hear of the passing of Matt Zuccaro, he was a strong and pragmatic man with a passion for helicopters. Lead me as a young pilot though the HAI with insight and professionalism. Helicopter industry lost a legend. Thoughts and prayers to his family. Will raise a glass to the west. - Rob Chambers, Medford Oregon
  • Jeffrey Byrd, Leesburg, VA
    Matt made a difference. Personally, his commitment to safety and improvements helped encourage many to see things through to completion. Professionally, his many efforts, including Land and Live, have never been more pertinent. He will be missed by all of us who knew him, especially his friends in rotorcraft.- Jeffrey Byrd, Leesburg, VA