With Our Deepest Respects

HAI HELI-EXPO 2020 Interview with Aviation International News

Matt Zuccaro played a significant role in the rotorcraft industy, making it better, stronger and safer. Please share your memories of your experiences with Matt, or messages to his family here.  For more information on Matt’s life and career, please see this article from the Winter 2020 issue of ROTOR.


Your Thoughts and Prayers

  • Martha and John King
    Your Thoughts and Prayers: Matt cared deeply about the safety of his fellow aviators, and felt each loss personally. He dedicated his life to increasing risk awareness and mitigation in the helicopter community, and made a huge impact on safety with his motto, "Land and Live!" We will miss him greatly. - Martha and John King, San Diego, California
  • Mathias Senes
    Our thoughts and prayers go to Matt and Doreen. Matt has been not only a great supporter of helicopters, he has been a fair and visionary leader of our association. Doreen can be proud, under Matt's mandate, the HAI has become a global player, the Heli-Expo the momentum of our whole segment and above all Safety has become the most important factor of our industry. Thank you Matt, Rest In Peace. Our deepest condolences and support to Doreen, the family and close friends. - Mathias Senes, Switzerland
  • Barry Desfor
    What an extraordinary person: The one who was able to bring two of the most anti-helicopter cities in the U.S., New York and Los Angeles, to the negotiating tables for a mutually-beneficial working arrangement. Warrior, Patriot, Business Entrepreneur, Industry Leader,..He did it all for us. May he be granted the peaceful rest and well-earned allocades he deserves. May his family find solace and comfort in knowing the rest of the world mourns with them. - Barry Desfor, Chicago, Illinois
  • Alison Martin, Whirly-Girls International
    Matt was a long time supporter and advocate of the Whirly-Girls and he will be sorely missed. His initiatives and ideas have strengthened our industry and touched every pilot. We were fortunate and grateful that both Matt and his lovely wife Dorren were able to attend our recent Awards Banquet in Anaheim. Matt began attending the Whirly-Girls Scholarship Awards Banquet in 2015, even acting as keynote speaker one year. He would patiently take the time to talk to the scholarship recipients as they shared their thoughts, ideas, and challenges. I cannot overemphasize the impact that getting to meet the President of HAI can mean to a young pilot on their first trip to HELI-EXPO and we are grateful for all he has done for our members. Our sincere condolences to his family and to all of our friends in the industry. Matt, may your legacy live on. #landthedamnhelicopter - Alison Martin, Whirly-Girls International