HAI Leadership

We are here to provide our members with services that directly benefit their operations.

James A. Viola

President and CEO

Roxanne R. Fox, JD

Chief of Staff/
Corporate Secretary

Michael Hertzendorf

Vice President
Member Services

Robert M. Volmer

Vice President
Marketing Communications

Cade Clark

Vice President
Government Affairs

Kevin Cooper

Chief Financial Officer


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Sarah Arnold
Executive Assistant

Business Development

Charlotte R. Zilke
Director, Conventions

Caylie Cook
Manager, Exhibits 

Nicole Haliburton
Manager, Convention Operations & Meetings

Shaquanta McFadden
Manager, Membership

Government Affairs

John Shea
Director, Government Affairs


Wayne O'Brien
Coordinator, Accounts

Mirian Montano
Accounts Payable

Marketing Communications

Dan Sweet
Director, Public Relations & Communications

Gina Kvitkovich
Director, Publications & Media

David Pierson
Director, Marketing

Jitao Xu

Jay Clark
Manager, Information Systems & Web Contributor

Phyllis J. Utter
Graphic Artist

P.J. Barbour
Video & Multimedia Producer

Charlie Clunk
Manager, Database Administration

Christine DeJoy

Jaasmin Foote
Manager, Social Media

Mashiyat Ahsan
Research and Data Analyst


Chris Martino
Senior Director, Operations & International Affairs

Harold L. Summers
Director, Flight Operations

Chris Hill
Director, Safety

Zac Noble
Director, Maintenance & Technology

Greg Brown
Director, Education & Training Services

Ashten A. Brown
Coordinator, Operations

Emily Monahan
Assistant, Operations


Elaine H. Little
Manager, Administrative Services