Noise Abatement Training CD

The HAI Noise Abatement Training Program will:


  • Recognize the impact operations have on noise.
  • Understand the dangers of not addressing noise concerns
  • Recognize the main noise generators on a helicopter
  • Recognize which noise sources dominate each helicopter flight regime
  • Recognize the effect that distance has on sound
  • State the effect of temperature, humidity, and wind on sound
  • Recognize the impact of terrain on sound
  • Recognize the steps manufactures have taken to reduce helicopter noise
  • Recognize new design features being examined for future noise reduction
  • Recognize the need for noise abatement
  • Recognize how pilot attitude factors into noise abatement
  • Relate general guidelines for reducing helicopter noise
  • Recognize the role of associations in establishing and enforcing noise abatement procedures
Sponsored by the HAI Manufactures Committee and assisted by HAI Acoustics & Fly Neighborly Committees

DOWNLOAD HERE (Version 2 - November 8, 2006 - 55mb)

Instructions - Download the file and unzip. Run the setup.exe to install.


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