Agusta, Model: A109A, A109A II, and A109C

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Descent/Approach and Landing
The speed of approach should be approximately 60 knots throughout the descent, until just before landing.

Use a steeper than normal approach-an angle of approximately 12-15┬║ is best. This is almost the angle used for autorotation.

Do not increase the power until you are within 100 feet of the ground. Then flare and increase the power as for a normal landing.Plan the approach and landing to keep noise-sensitive areas to the left of the helicopterAvoid descending directly over noise-sensitive areas.

Cruising speed for the Agusta is 140-150 knots, which falls within the requirements of ICAO Annex 16, Chapter 8 standards for inflight noise levels. Speeds below 130 knots are noticeably quieter to people on the ground.

The A109C model is generally quieter than previous models.

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