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Brexit, Schmexit: The Helicopter Industry Will Prove Resilient
Pulsing Exterior Lights Save Lives: Mitigating Bird Strikes
10 Tips for Selling Your Helicopter
US Marines Test Autonomous Helicopter
Beijing Capital Helicopter: China’s First Accredited Helicopter Operation
2018 ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest
Bold Ideas, Bright Future Await in Las Vegas
Helicopter Operations: A Team Sport
Is There a Looming Global Shortage of Helicopter Pilots?
Caring for Plexiglas Windscreens
Accident Recovery: The Perils of Success
HAI Hires New Director of Membership


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When the Chips Are Down, Helicopters Go Up
On the Ground and in the Air in Houston
Helicopters: The Heroes of Hurricane Harvey
Medical Missions in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey
Keeping the Lights On
To Protect and Serve
Riding Out the Storm
Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses
Responding to an Earthquake: New Zealand Civil and Defense Aviation Ban Together
Innovations in Aerial Firefighting
Inspiring the Next Generation fo Female Helicopter Pilots
HFI Trailblazers: Frank H. Duke, Boeing Test Pilot, Reaches New Speeds


President’s Message  ➤ Safety  ➤ Maintenance  ➤ Education  ➤ Your Aviation Lawyer  ➤ Your AME  ➤ Government Affairs  ➤ Flight Path  ➤ Calendar of Events  ➤ HFI Update  ➤ Last Hover 


The Many Worlds of Dan Schwarzbach 

HAI Welcomes 2017–18 Board of Directors

FAA, Industry Working to Improve Rotorcraft Occupant Safety

Straight Talk on Radio Altimeters

Helicopter Finance and Leasing: What’s New and Notable2017 Summer

Drones: Where and When to Find Them

Common Personality Traits of Commercial Helicopter Pilots: A UK Study

Who Regulates the Sky?

The International Trade Administration: Exports Made Easy


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