AMI announces the AMI-TW60AT turbine washer

AMI announces the AMI-TW60AT turbine washer

With self-contained compressed air tank

(Fort Lauderdale - October 10, 2012) - Aviation Management International (AMI) announces the addition of the AMI-TW60AT turbine washer with self-contained compressed air tank as a welcomed addition to their existing line of ground support equipment.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 1989, Aviation Management International recognized a need in the aviation industry for versatile and moderately priced ground support equipment.  In response to that need, the company produced the AMI-TW60 turbine washer.  This was AMI's first turbine washer design that utilizes shop air as its air source.  The success of the product and feedback from their valued customers prompted AMI to design a completely self-contained unit – the AMI-TW60AT turbine washer with self-contained air tank.

Introducing The New AMI-TW60AT
“We designed the new AMI-TW60AT turbine washer to incorporate a self-contained compressed air tank. This allows the turbine washer to be used away from a shop air source, making the unit much more versatile." according to Kevin Howarth, VP of Sales at Aviation Management International.  The operator can simply service the on board compressed air tank and roll the portable unit from the hanger and out to the flight line, when necessary. AMI plans to continue to offer the AMI-TW60 turbine washer for users who have shop air readily available; and for those who need the added flexibility of a self-contained unit, the new AMI-TW60AT turbine washer incorporating a compressed air tank is a moderately priced solution.

“Routine compressor and turbine wheel washes will increase an aircraft engine's longevity and reduce overall costs, along with making the aircraft more fuel efficient,” says Rick Santese, Production Manager for AMI who has been an AMT since 1995. The light-weight and portable design allows a maintenance professional to easily move the cart on the ramp or over unimproved surfaces. The AMI-TW60 and AMI-TW60AT turbine washers offer 0 - 60 PSI regulated outlet pressure, an adjustable dial pressure regulator, pressure indicator and two 5 gallon fluid reservoirs for a typical configuration of a cleaning solution in one reservoir and fresh water in the other.  This configuration allows the user to wash and rinse without changing bottles or fluids, by way of a fluid source selector valve.  Both models are constructed for durability and quality with bulkhead fittings and hard lines behind the convenient control panel. AMI plans to continue adding to their line of ground support equipment, where a need exists and where AMI can produce equipment at a lower cost to the end user / operator than what is currently available in the market place.

Based in Fort Lauderdale since 1989, Aviation Management International, Inc. is committed to offering high quality, affordable ground support equipment as well as aircraft marketing, sales and consulting services to the aviation community. For additional information on any of the products manufactured by Aviation Management International, please contact AMI by email at, by phone at 954-543-0400 or visit them on the web at

Kevin Howarth, Vice President
(954) 543-0400

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