U.S. House Plans Schedule for Return to Session

U.S. House Plans Schedule for Return to Session

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have slowly started the process of setting out the agenda for next week, when the House returns from its summer recess.

Republicans indicated that the House would take up a bill that would allow a land swap between the federal government and the state of Minnesota. The House has approved several land-use bills this year, often under a suspension of the rules; although this bill, the Minnesota Education Investment and Employment Act, will be considered under a rule.

There is still no sign that the House might consider a continuing resolution (CR) providing for federal spending through March of next year, although this bill is expected to come up either next week or the week after. House and Senate leaders have reached an agreement to pass a six-month CR sometime in September.

The Senate still appears to be preparing for work on S. 3457, the Veterans Job Corps Act, which would create a $1 billion training program for veterans over the next five years.

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