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A new Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) alerts owners and operators of the availability of a fuel tank bladder retrofit program for enhanced safety on Robinson Helicopter Company (Robinson) Model R44 and R44 II helicopters.

Robinson Helicopter Company has issued Service Bulletin SB-78B, Revision B, dated September 28, 2012, which specifies that R44 helicopters with aluminum fuel tanks be retrofitted to add bladder-type tanks and associated fuel system components. In addition to a factory retrofit program, a field kit is also available. The new bladder tank and fuel system components will improve the R44 fuel system’s resistance to a post-accident fuel leak and possible fire.

The FAA recommends that owners/operators of Robinson helicopters incorporate SB-78B, Revision B, dated September 28, 2012.

For Further Information Contact:
Danny Nguyen, Aerospace Engineer, FAA Los Angeles Certification Office, ANM-140L, 3960 Paramount Boulevard., Lakewood, CA 90712; phone: 562-627-5247; fax: 562-627-5210; email:

For Related Service Information Contact:
Robinson Helicopter Company, 2901 Airport Drive, Torrance, CA 90505, phone: 310-539-0508; fax: 310-539-5198; email:

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