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Bristow Academy Trains 100 Pilots in High Altitude Operations

Houston, TX - There's a certain buzz these days in Carson City, Nevada-the sound of Bristow Academy mountain flying training. In May 2011, Bristow Academy began its program in the majestic Lake Tahoe region and to date has trained more than 100 pilots from many countries in high altitude operations. Military and police units have flocked to this course, primarily from Latin America, where such operational expertise in mountainous terrain is vital to supporting their national security objectives.

The training is bilingual Spanish/English with the standard syllabus of four weeks that includes 40 hours of academics and 18 flight hours; seven of which are conducted with night vision goggles (NVGs). The syllabus can be modified to fit a customer's specific training requirement. The instructor pilots are the best in the business with more than 14,000 hours among them in operating at the upper limits of aircraft capabilities in mountainous terrain. The core concepts of the course include performance planning, weather, operational techniques, emergency procedures and NVGs. Lead Instructor Oscar Gomez explains, "This training is just as much about decision-making as it is about flying techniques. A pilot operating at high altitudes in an unforgiving environment with a limited power margin must have an enhanced situational awareness in order to safely and successfully conduct the mission."

Bristow Academy currently provides high altitude training with a fleet of Bell 206s. The Bristow Military Training Program Manager Armando Martinez comments, "Since inception the chief interest has come from Latin America where our mountain program has and will continue to satisfy their particular training needs. However, we're getting increased interest from other geographical sectors to include more foreign militaries and commercial entities. This kind of training is unique and infinitely valuable."

About Bristow Academy
Bristow Academy, located in Titusville, Florida; New Iberia, Louisiana; Carson City, Nevada, and Gloucester (UK), is the only helicopter flight school approved to provide helicopter flight training to commercial pilot level by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency. The Academy trains students from helicopter industry or related companies and pilots from a wide variety of foreign and domestic government agencies.  For more information, visit

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