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American Eurocopter, the leading provider of helicopters to the U.S. air medical transport industry, announces that Boston MedFlight has placed an order for an EC145 helicopter for emergency air medical transport.

Boston MedFlight is a not-for-profit organization providing critical care transport service. Using state-of-the-art air and ground vehicles and equipment, Boston MedFlight provides the highest level of care to more than 2,700 patients a year, transporting more than 49,000 critical patients since its founding in 1985. As a not-for-profit organization, Boston MedFlight is financially supported in part by a consortium of Boston hospitals including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Tufts Medical Center.

Boston MedFlight selected the EC145, which features the latest flight control, navigation and safety technology, as the best aircraft to replace their current fleet of BK117s. The decision was made after a thorough evaluation of competitive aircraft. This is the initial step in a phased fleet upgrade program with the first new helicopter delivery slated for August.

“We are excited about this addition to our fleet,” said Boston MedFlight Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer Suzanne Wedel. “This new helicopter will help us continue to provide exceptional care to the people of Massachusetts and the islands.”

“American Eurocopter has a long-standing relationship with Boston MedFlight,” said American Eurocopter Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Treg Manning. “We are excited and proud to have the EC145 contribute to this highly successful operation.”

The EC145 offers multi-mission capability in a medium-class, twin-engine helicopter.  It has made its mark in the U.S. market, particularly among air medical service operators – winning competitions based on the aircraft’s speed, advanced glass cockpit, extra-large cabin and exceptional visibility.  With high-set main and tail rotors, the EC145 ensures safe ground operations, even during “hot” loading/unloading operations with the rotors turning.

American Eurocopter announces delivery of a new AS350 B2 AStar aircraft to U.S. Helicopters, Inc. U.S. Helicopters’ new rotary-wing aircraft joins a fleet that already includes AS350-series helicopters, including this previously-purchased AS350 B2.

U.S. Helicopters, Inc. based in Marshville, N.C., is one of the largest operators of electronic news gathering helicopters in the country. The company has served dozens of major television stations located in cities in most of the lower 48 states.

Over half of U.S. Helicopters, Inc. fleet consists of American Eurocopter AS350 series aircraft. The first was purchased in 1995, after a meeting between the former president of American Eurocopter, David O. Smith, and U.S. Helicopters, Inc. President Cress Horne. That first AS350BA was delivered to a station in the Tampa area by Horne and Judd Chapin, the company’s first AS350 pilot, where it is still in service today.

The new AS350B2 is part of an ongoing fleet modernization program by U.S. Helicopters, Inc. It will replace an AS350BA operated in support of a Chicago-area television station since 2001.

“Our plan is to continue to upgrade our current fleet and add even more AS350B2’s as we move forward,” said Horne, founder and CEO of U.S. Helicopters, Inc.

“We are grateful for the continued business from U.S. Helicopters, Inc.,” said Treg Manning, American Eurocopter Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing. “Even though helicopter services are generally the first to go when television stations cut budgets, U.S. Helicopters, Inc. has remained a loyal customer. They have found that the AS350 meets their needs by providing high performance, extended range, flexibility and reliability.”

The AS350 is a workhorse single-engine helicopter with the best performance in its category. Built and certified in the United States, this cost-effective helicopter accommodates five to six passengers, all in forward-facing seats. Its high performance, enhanced maneuverability and reduced pilot workload make the American Eurocopter AS350 the preferred rotary-wing aircraft in the for a growing number of civilian users, air medical services and law enforcement agencies. This fine aircraft became even better in 2011, with the introduction of the AS350 B3e, which offers numerous improvements including 30 minute take-off power, longer time between engine overhauls and lower direct maintenance costs.

About American Eurocopter
American Eurocopter is the U.S. affiliate of Eurocopter, the largest helicopter manufacturer in the world, and a subsidiary of EADS North America Holdings, the North American operations of EADS, the second largest aerospace and defense company in the world. American Eurocopter is a helicopter manufacturer and markets, sells and supports the broadest range of civil and parapublic helicopters offered by any manufacturer. The product line represents the most cost-effective, technologically-advanced helicopters, ranging from light single to heavy twin, serving all markets and missions. Company headquarters and main facility are in Grand Prairie, TX, with a large manufacturing and production facility in Columbus, MS.

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