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A weekly update illustrating some of the ways that Helicopter Association International (HAI) is "Keeping the Rotors Turning" for our members.

Government Affairs – Cade Clark

Proponents of ATC privatization pushed to have a vote on HR 2997 today. Working to prevent the vote, last week HAI and other General Aviation associations issued a call to action to our members, and the community responded in remarkable numbers. Because of this impressive outreach to Congress, there were not enough votes to schedule ATC privatization on the House floor this week. While House leadership declined to bring the bill up for a vote this week, proponents of the bill are within striking distance of securing enough votes for passage. Congress is on recess next week, which means the next target for a House vote is the week of Sept. 25.

The week of Sept. 25, Congress will either need to pass the FAA reauthorization bill or pass an extension. Both the House and the Senate are now working on an extension, but that does not mean that proponents of ATC privatization are giving up. They will continue to fight for every vote possible. We have continued to build support for our position, held off the vote, and lived to fight another week. I know we have said over and over that "this is the most critical week." Each critical week builds off the previous. However, the week of Sept. 25 is truly a critical week for Congress to hear your voice. We must ensure that every office hears from their constituents and their opposition to HR 2997 and ATC privatization.

Congress needs to hear from you! If you have already reached out, thank you. Please reach out again. If you haven't reached out, please do so now. Let your voice be heard, and contact your congressional office with your opposition to ATC privatization. Click here to go to HAI's advocacy tool. We have editable template forms for you to email, tweet, or post on Facebook.

Regulations and International Affairs – Matt Callan

This week, the Regulations and International Affairs office announced the next Helicopter Tour Operator Meeting, which will take place Oct. 25-26 at HAI Headquarters in Alexandria, Virgina. Callan also provided joint coordination of the Flying Quiet Symposium with the FAA and American Helicopter Society, to be held at HAI's offices in October/November (exact date TBD). As HAI's representative to the International Federation of Helicopter Associations, Callan is also arranging a trip to the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal for a helicopter subgroup meeting in late September.

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