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PowerLift Hydraulic Doors
Location:    Lake Benton, MN with 33 North American manufacturing locations
Website:    www.powerliftdoors.com
Phone:       855-368-9595
Email:         info@powerliftdoors.com
Owners:     Rick & Patti Peterson

If you own a helicopter, there's a pretty good chance you want to protect it from the elements and provide yourself with an atmospherically controlled site to work on it. That means you might already have (or need) a hangar, and if you have a hangar, you will likely want a good door custom made to fit it.

Helicopter Association International Associate Member PowerLift Hydraulic Doors is just the company to help you build a door for your hangar that is as smooth and reliable as the garage door on a home.

"Our founder, Rick Peterson, saw the need for a safe, large, simple, and reliable door within our agricultural community," says Amanda Bennett, PowerLift Hydraulic Doors office manager. "Today, we custom build each PowerLift door for every hangar. Every door includes professional installation and long-term local support. Our hydraulic doors and moveable walls are custom-designed for safe, quick, and reliable access."

From their headquarters in Lake Benton, Minnesota, PowerLift Doors operates 33 manufacturing locations throughout the United States and Canada and employs more than 250 people.

"Through our network of manufacturing locations we can offer caring and personalized service before, during, and long after we install each door," continued Bennett. "Custom options for our doors are also available. We can apply any type of cladding to our PowerLift hydraulic doors, including steel, aluminum, insulated glass, masonry, wood, and composite materials."

"One example of our customer service and adaptability is the PowerLift Door we built and installed for the Virginia State Police Department rescue helicopter," adds Bennett.  "As I'm sure other HAI members can understand, this door needed to open and close reliably. To accommodate this request, we devised a power supply that has a secondary back-up and a battery back-up to ensure they would be able to get the helicopter out no matter the situation."

PowerLift Doors has been a member of HAI just a single year, joining because they saw the organization as the largest and most respected organization in the industry. "We also attend HAI HELI-EXPO, since it's a great opportunity to meet many helicopter owners and potential customers at one site," says Bennett. "The helicopter industry has given us the opportunity to expand our vision of what a PowerLift Door is capable of providing."

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