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Chuck Aaron's  Aerobatic Helicopter
Highlights from some of Chuck Aaron's amazing acrobatic flights.
HAI Interview with AOPA President and CEO Craig Fuller

From the HELI-CENTER™ at EAA AirVenture 2011:
a Conversation with Craig Fuller, AOPA President and CEO

Matt Zuccaro on EAA Radio HAI President Matt Zuccaro on EAA Radio at AirVenture 2011

HELI-EXPO: Fly In/Fly Out Highlights

2016: Fly In/Fly Out 2015: Fly In/Fly Out 2014: Fly In/Fly Out 2013: Fly In/Fly Out
2012 Fly In/Fly Out 2011 Fly In/Fly Out 2010 Fly In/Fly Out 2009 Fly In/Fly Out
2008 Fly In/Fly Out  2007 Fly In/Fly Out    


Autorotations: Reality Exposed Autorotations: Reality Exposed
(Portuguese version)
Developing a Safety Management System Developing a Safety Management System (Italian Version)
 FAA Representative John Allen speaks at HAI Public-Aircraft Forum  
Profiles of Safety Management Systems Surviving the Wires Environment  Public-Aircraft Forum (1/20/2011)  

Helicopters at Work

HELICOPTERS: A Day in the Life Helicopters at Work: Corporate and Charter Flight Services Helicopters at Work: Emergency Medical Service Helicopters at Work: Wildland Firefighting (UPDATED)
Helicopters at Work: Heavy Lift Construction Helicopters at Work: Power Line Patrol Helicopters at Work: Agricultural Spraying Helicopters at Work: Careers In Helicopter Maintenance

Pioneers in the Industry / HAI Heritage Series Interview

(2007): Delford Smith (2007): Wes Lematta (2009): Fred Gilbert (2009): Osvil "Ozzie" York

Pioneers in the Industry Series


Affiliate Events

Vertical Challenge Airshow Highlights 2007 RotorFest 2009 - RotorNews On Location    


ADS-B: A Milestone in Aviation History (2010) ADS-B: The Future of Offshore Oil Aviation (2009) Working to Implement ADS-B in the Gulf of Mexico (2007) Offshore Aviation Device Briefing for Platform Workers

IN TV during 2007 HELI-EXPO

HAI's Video Library

Pressure Points - Aviation Safety Program

Flying in Flat Light and White Out Conditions - 27 Minutes Scene Landing Zone Safety for Helicopters - 20 Minutes Aeromedical Helicopter Pilot Decision Making - 21 Minutes 
(Discussion Leader's Guide)
Commercial Helicopter Pilot Decision Making - 17 Minutes
(Discussion Leader's Guide)
Offshore Helicopter Pilot Decision Making - 14 Minutes
(Discussion Leader's Guide)
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