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HAI Belongs to You

By Dan Schwarzbach

The significance of being the first HAI chairman from the government services seat on the association’s Board of Directors is not lost on me. When I first joined HAI, I was not sure that this was even a possibility.

In This Together

Much credit goes to former HAI President Roy Resavage for reaching out to me as president of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association to bridge a void that existed between the two groups. I recall Roy telling me that while the helicopter world is a small one, there is enough to go around for everyone.

An advocate for the entire helicopter community, Roy invited me to meet his successor, Matt Zuccaro, and he held a meeting between just the three of us during which he shared his vision. Matt has continued with Roy’s initiative. For this, I am grateful to them both.

The helicopter community is indeed a small one, and we need to look after each other. Much like law enforcement and our thin blue line, those of us in the helicopter industry are constantly facing challenges, and we are stronger facing them united. There is no place any more for the us vs. them, public safety vs. private sector, fire vs. police mentality. We need to find ways to work together and promote the industry for the common good of all helicopter operations.

Become an Active Member

Active members in an association can have a profound impact on it and the industry they serve. I can think of several colleagues who, while serving as volunteers on HAI committees, have made a difference in industry issues such as regulations, safety, and noise reduction.

The two top reasons people join associations are to access specialized information and to network. HAI programs, and especially HAI HELI‑EXPO®, provide opportunities to do both. There is no other place in the world that brings together all facets of the helicopter industry like HAI HELI‑EXPO. It truly is the one don’t-miss event of the year for the helicopter world. Your HAI membership provides discounts to this annual event. This benefit alone is worth the cost of signing up!

HAI exists for you and because of you. Your active participation in your association is an investment in yourself. Become actively involved in HAI: join a committee, write an article for ROTOR, teach a Rotor Safety Challenge session, exhibit your products, run for the board.

The opportunities are boundless and the rewards priceless.

Dan Schwarzbach is the current chairman of HAI’s Board of Directors, a senior police officer for the Houston Police Department, and the executive director of the Airborne Public Safety Association.


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