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Since 1948, the Helicopter Association International (HAI) has brought together the leaders of the international helicopter community. Our membership includes helicopter and/or UAS operators, owners, users, manufacturers and suppliers, service organizations and individuals interested in following the events of the helicopter and/or UAS industries. Members are classified according to their roles in the industry.



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Regular Members
Individuals or companies that operate helicopters for personal use, as a business tool, or in public service for a local, state, or federal agency or entity. Classifications include Commercial, General Aviation, and Government Service Operators. Annual dues for Regular Members are based on the number of helicopters operated.

To become an HAI Regular Member, please click here for an Application Form.

Associate Members
Companies that provide products, supplies, or services to the international helicopter or UAS industries; lessors of helicopters or UAS; or hospitals that contract for helicopter air ambulance medical transport services qualify under this category. Separately incorporated divisions under one parent company must each hold their own membership.

Associate A: Manufacturers of helicopter or UAS airframes, rotors, or engines

Associate B: Manufacturers and suppliers of other helicopter or UAS products and services.

To become an HAI Associate Member, please click here for an Application Form.

UAS Members
Operators, whether individuals or companies, of one or more unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) who do not also operate helicopters.
To become a UAS Member, please click here for an Application Form.

Individual Members
HAI offers the following individual membership categories:

  • Pilot or Mechanic/Technician Members:
    Any licensed pilot or mechanic whose interests are consistent with the Association's Code of Ethics and Purpose, provided such individual is not an officer, director or majority owner of an entity that would qualify for Regular or Associate Member classification. Annual dues:$90
  • Active Military Service Members:
    Members of the military currently on active duty are eligible for a discount on membership dues. Applicants must provide proof of active military service when applying. Accepted forms of proof include a letter of confirmation of active military service from a current commander, or a copy of their LES, ORB or ERB. Annual Dues: $45
  • Student Members:
    Any full or part-time student enrolled in a flight training school, A & P school, college, or university. Applicants must provide their school's name, expected date of graduation, and proof of student status. Accepted forms of proof include a valid school ID, a letter signed by an advisor or an instructor, or a receipt for tuition. Three years free! $40 per year thereafter.
  • Sustaining Members:
    Any individual interested in following the events of the helicopter and UAS industry, providing he/she is not an officer, director, or employee of a firm that would qualify for Regular or Associate Membership. Annual Dues:$90

To become an HAI Individual Member, please click here for an Application Form.

Questions? Please contact the HAI Membership Department at 1-800-435-4976 (within the U.S. and Canada), 1-703-683-4646 or member@rotor.org 

Affiliate Members
Affiliate Members are national, regional and international organizations whose purpose and interests are similar to those of HAI. Affiliate Members do not pay dues. To receive more information about how your organization can become an HAI Affiliate Member, please contact the HAI Membership Department at 1-800-435-4976 (within the U.S. and Canada), 1-703-683-4646.

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